The Store

Yes, it’s true. Sacred Square has a store front on For those of you unfamiliar with Zazzle, it’s quite similar to Cafe Press. You can create products using your own designs or buy products from artist’s stores. Like Sacred Square, lol. Prices are very reasonable and from reading the thousands of reviews, quality and customer service seem very top notch. Even if you don’t have any desire for something from The Square, you may want to check into this for your other needs. If Zazzle doesn’t have what you’re looking for in terms of a product, you can try the similar service of CafePress which I’ve used in the past to create one of-s. I’d suggest creating an account as I’ve noticed they send out quite a few coupon deals that are pretty great price wise.

I know it’s taken us a while to get to this point. Frankly it was a bit of a debate as to whether or not we wanted to move into the world of commerce. It often seems that consciousness and commerce should be removed from one another much like that old stand by, church and state. But sharing this work and listening to all the wonderful people who have encouraged and asked for this kind of thing, well, it became apparent that sharing the art of The Square would best be served by making it available beyond just the digital realm of the computer screen.

So please feel free to use the link below to go take a look at what’s already there. We’ll be adding new stuff going forward. If there’s a piece that you’d want in some format and it’s not there, let me know and I would certainly upload and create the piece for you. And while selling posters and such on Zazzle or other like-minded sites won’t make us wealthy like Peter Max, it may just manage to pay a few of the bills. And that my friends, would always be a welcomed thing.

Here’s the link to Sacred Square on Zazzle

A note about the store: For some reason, I can’t get to to show everything on the main pages. So, if you’d like to peruse all that’s up there, you can use the categories under Browse This Store on the left hand side. Or you can use the department list above that. Be sure to turn your content filter from “safe” to “off”. It’s located below the “Browse This Store” area.

And here’s some examples of the over 200 items already there…

iPhone and iPad cases and Galaxy S4 cases…

iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy S4 cases by Sacred Square art and Design for sale at All items ©2013 Sacred Square Art & Design.

and just some of the t-shirts… (you can easily switch designs to the style, color and gender preference you want!)

Psychedelic abstract visionary and meditation art tee shirt designs created by Sacred Square Art and Design for sale on All designs  ©2013 .

and some more of the ever expanding t-shirt selection…

Abstract Psychedelic Art T-shirts for sale on All designs ©2013 Sacred Square

And here’s just a very few of the poster prints… (see, I told you they look nice framed, lol)

Psychedelic, chakra and I Ching art posters on sale at by Sacred Square Art and Design. All designs ©2013

And here’s some stash/jewelry/sacred boxes and a couple of mugs… 

Psychedelic, Abstract, Chakra and I Ching art on mugs and stash boxes by Sacrted Square Art and Design on sale at All designs ©2013

These are just a small sample, so stop by and check out the other stuff!

NOTE #1: You can adjust the “Content Filter” once you’re in Zazzle to display items from “G” to “R” rated content. It’s on the left hand side at the bottom of most pages. For example, while most of the stuff available from The Square carries a “G” rating and will automatically be seen by everyone, some of the mushroom and marijuana images carry a “PG13” rating.

NOTE #2: The poster sizes are, for the most part, fixed. You can change the size of some of them, but the sizes available were chosen to give the very best resolution and print quality possible. And they look so nice framed.

From all of us here at The Square, thank you all for your support, encouragement and love! This wouldn’t exist without you. And as always, any thoughts, suggestions or ideas on improving this, please let us know.

Yours in hopefully making things a little more beautiful, each and every day,


One thought on “The Store

  1. Hi Cosmo-

    I wanted to email you, but couldn’t figure out where I would do so.

    I’m working on a documentary and wanted to use your image of the Psychedelic I Ching in our film. Could you email me ( if you see this, and I can explain in further detail so we can hopefully make this happen!

    Thank you-

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