Welcome to Sacred Square. This is a space dedicated to art, words, music and video that expresses a more sacred, or perhaps spirit-based, perspective. I don’t have any great experience or wisdom and I am certainly no guru. Like many, I am a seeker. A seeker on a path that continually unfolds before me. What I know is that I am always learning, at least when I am open to it. I don’t believe in any religious figures or any particular religion. Personally, I find that my experience with various organizations and people is that they tend to be more hypocritical then ethical and that they are rather limited in their commitment to their particular beliefs. It’s not wrong to believe the Bible or the Koran. But when it becomes dogma, it is limiting.

Sacred Square is not about any particular set of beliefs. It is not about limitations. Sacred Square is about expanding consciousness. Mine. Yours. And anyone else who feels that calling. The truth is, the world sorely needs it. People are still warring. Still starving. Still imposing there will on others through force. Politics is certainly not the answer. I believe that consciousness is the answer. The path to consciousness? Well, that is your choice. There are many, many paths. As a young Robert Plant once sang “So many roads…”.

Sacred Square will begin as a way for me to create and find a place for these creations on the web. These will be in the form of words (essays and posts) and also in art and design. As this site evolves, it will hopefully be a home for other creatives and seekers. I would like to share the music and video work of others along with their written pieces and art. Nothing is written in stone. Everything is subject to change. And that, if I’ve learned anything at all in my years on the planet, is the nature of life.

Sacred Square will also have works for sale. Yes, this is commerce and I realize that for many on the “Spirit Trip”, commerce is a dirty word, but that is a rather limiting belief in my opinion. The more works that evoke soul, spirit, a higher consciousness, the better. Awakening yourself and others to new possibilities, whether through a piece of art hanging on the wall of your home, a piece of music you share, or some special mushrooms :), does not, in any way, cheapen the experience. Just remember, you can’t buy enlightenment, but you can certainly buy things that remind you of it and perhaps aide your journey.

Feel free to share these works, these thoughts in the ever widening social space of the internet. The more, the merrier, or at the very least, the livelier the conversations.

So, if you have thoughts, I’d love to hear them, read them. I’d love to see a dialogue, a conversation erupt around this work of mine. Whether you agree, or disagree, whether you love a piece or think it’s a pile of crap, express yourself. Share your thoughts. Share your journey. Because life is better shared. Better experienced with others. Especially a most special other. The roads are many, and there probably isn’t a destination in any traditional meaning of the word.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Sacred Square,
    The journey is the end. And every minute we end, we are reborn too. Your paintings are quite a journey and it’s fun to see your multiple rebirths 🙂 .
    Love most of the paintings, specially the bright light ones (since that is how I see my truth), but these are your journey and in that , they are all beautiful.
    p.s I remember, when very young, my mum took me to a doctor who showed me multiple differently colored pictures and based on my selection, told us what my ailment was. Maybe, at some level what you do, the colors you choose that day, also share a lot about you. As they say,” you often preach what you most need to learn”.I am sure you are in this discovering a lot about yourself. Do wish the same for me too.

    • Dear Nidhi,
      Thank you for taking the time to write. And also for the very kind words regarding the art work. I certainly think the art on any given day, and as a whole, says a lot about me and where I am along my journey. This path I’ve been on with the art is one of learning, of growing. And yes, I am discovering more about myself with each step. Sometimes it feels as if nothing has changed and then I’ll go back and look at the work over time and realize just how much has changed in it and in me. I wish you much happiness and love on your journey. The road goes ever on. Hugs to you.

  2. Dear Sacred Square,

    I am an associate producer for a documentary about Voodoo, and we are interested in using your image of “The Psychedelic I Ching Poster” to show that other religions/cultures have similar divining systems. Could you email me at dhassist@fanaticusent.com please as soon as you see this so we can find a way to include your awesome images into our project?

    Thank you!

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