Preview image for "Space Shaman" is an abstract and highly psychedelic painting and artwork, that, by it's very title alone, should be considered "visionary". Another creative randomness collaboration between Sacred Square Art and Design and The Little Goddess Creative Lab and Fun Factory. ©2015. All rights reserved. All wrongs reversed.

“Memories of Cinnamon Bread Toast”: Blasting Away on Grandma’s Table on Sunnyside Street as the megabytes dwindle. Psychedelic, Abstract Art for Meditation and Dream Trippers. More Strange Love Haikus as I run out of room on WordPress.

Greetings lovers and dream trippers! A new round of spray blasting in the delicious Mid-Western World sunshine has produced some rather heavily psychedelic wonderment. Surrendering to the randomness that is at the core of this line of work and inquiry has led to some beautiful surprises. The “canvas”, so to speak, for these works is the enamel-coated top of my grandmother’s old kitchen table. It was made in the Great Depression of the 1930’s and as a young boy, I enjoyed mornings spent eating home made cinnamon bread toast, hot from the toaster, slathered in real butter while sitting in her small kitchen. My parents and I lived in a two flat, above my grandmother.  I used to always go down in the morning to see her and perhaps, coax her into some cinnamon toast, lol. Except for on Sunday mornings. My grandma played organ at the church and would threaten me with attendance. Thankfully, I avoided much of the “churching”. But, I can still remember the smell and the way the morning light filtered through her back porch windows. For a young boy of 4-5 years old, Grandma’s house was an absolute wonder.

For one thing she had a piano. It intrigued me greatly. That sound! Resonant. The wood would just vibrate, you could feel it in your hands. It amazed me. But the floor of her back porch was the most alluring thing of all. Well, besides the cinnamon bread toast that is. No, the floor was most amazing. It was some sort of vinyl, imprinted with various game boards. Chinese Checkers, Chess, Backgammon and even a hopscotch thing. My young, impressionable mind was imprinted with it’s patterns and colors and it probably has something to do with my fascination with squares. I spent hours playing in the sunshine of the warmer months on that floor.

And now, I live on Sunnyside Street. My good friend and spiritual brother, Mr. Sanchez has taken me in along with Fu Wang, Wolf Girl and Baba Ram Yum Yum. It’s been a wonderful time. He’s not here all that much, being a man who owns and frequents several different houses, but when he is here, we have enjoyed each other’s company quite muchly. Something about the change and the impending change of moving out to live in the land of Zengirl, has truly sparked the creative side of me. Hell, besides getting back to blasting, I’ve been doing a lot of painting of furniture, rearranging of things and even creating song loops in a music program. The juice is beginning to flow freely.

And part of that also may be attributed to getting rid of so much “stuff” when I moved from the old house. There’s still more to get rid of, but damn, I got a lot less of the physical to carry around. That stuff can weigh one down, psychically. And there will be even less of that soon as I weed through what I brought to Sunnyside and further lose the unnecessary clutter of life. But I think that’s another blog post perhaps.

And speaking of blog posts,this will probably be the last one on the Square for awhile as I am very close to running out of the “digital” room that the art requires. Yep, seems like I’ve just about filled the sack that WordPress gives you with their wonderful, free, system. I’ll have to upgrade, as they say, to get more room and some other features that I may eventually find handy. However, it may be a bit before I throw down the money for that upgrade, so enjoy this last post. Until there’s a next post. 🙂

Let’s get to the psychedelic, dream trippy, high vibrational gooey-ness of the work, shall we? 47 megabytes left in the sack…

First up is “Sorcerer”…"Sorcerer" is a heavily psychedelic, abstract art work that is perfect for meditation or other metaphysical pursuits. It also looks great in the foyer. ©2015 Sacred Square Art and Design in conjunction with Little Goddess Creative Enterprises., a wholly supported subsidiary of The Great Cosmic Woo-Hoo and all it's glorious creative abundance.

Go ahead my erstwhile friend and fellow traveller, click on it. Then click on it again and dive in to the Great Cosmic Woo-Hoo that is at its very center. Loads, and I mean loads… of delicious psychedelic, mescaline soaked detail and wonder in this one. Magick time in the blend of muted and electric color forms at play. And plenty of shapes, faces, strange hieroglyphs and other randomness-generated jive. The Little Goddess was in fine form this beautiful day. Fu Wang, the Magick Shih Tzu just howls in Shih Tzu-ian appreciation at gorgeous center. Wolf Girl, however, tends to favor the brighter things. Baba, as is Baba’s want, always smiles when the Little Goddess is at play.

34 megabytes left... Next up… “Space Shaman”… yes, I know, a rather mundane name, but I was thinking of the “Space Ghost” cartoon show when I was doing this one. And besides, “Space Shaman” sounds kinda “visionary” in a campy, fun way, right?

"Space Shaman" is an abstract and highly psychedelic painting and artwork, that, by it's very title alone, should be considered "visionary". Another creative randomness collaboration between Sacred Square Art and Design and The Little Goddess Creative Lab and Fun Factory. ©2015. All rights reserved. All wrongs reversed.

Ha! Now this one gets Wolf Girl prancing and a dancing with glee. That heart chakra green that permeates this piece really sets of the shamanic spaceman figure I see in the center. You, of course, may see something completely different. The pinks and high chakra blues really came together in interesting ways. And that yellow on the sides is positively e-fucking-lectric. Another one that you will derive many benefits from, including better posture and a more positive attitude, by clicking on it, not once, but twice, and diving headlong into the mystic sea of strange. Go ahead, the water is fine.

23 megabytes left… oh my… can we get two more in? Let’s start with this one; “The Gate to Tygon”. Who, or what is Tygon, you ask? Ahhhh… for that you’ll have to ask my true love Zengirl, or better and more precisely, one of her alter-egos, The Faerie Princess of WeHolly.

"The Gate to Tygon" is the kind of mind altering, vision enhancing, dream tripping psychedelic and abstract art you can only find at The Square. Another collaboration between Sacred Square Art and Design and The Little Goddess Dream Factory. ©2015 All rights reserved. All wrongs reversed.

Softer than the previous works. Bright, almost pastel-like qualities to this one. Loaded with a heavy helping of silly-psybin mushroom pie (would you care for some? It’s fresh from grandma’s oven…) and so worth a click, then another to blow it up large and allow your mind to sink into the visual cortex stimulation. Perfect for meditation and other metaphysical pursuits along the road to enlightenment or just a damn good time. The center is filled with chakra colors an would surely be an aide to those in pursuit of balancing those little buggers or perhaps just unblocking them and letting that Kundalini snake do it’s ancient lap dance up your spine. It’s also quite good for staring into and killing time while waiting at the doc’s office.

Hmmm… 12 freaking meg left… oh my… I’ve got to decide what to put up… well, someone’s gotta do it, and Baba Ram Yum Yum is telling me that he’s tossed one of his I Ching coins and so, it’s going to be… “The Southern Kings”. Who are the Southern Kings? Why they are the Kings of the South, of course! And by south, I mean like Central America south. Mayans. Aztecs. Polmecs. That last one, I think I made that up. Anyway, here’s the last visual…

"The Southern Kings" is a psychedelic, abstract and dare I say, visionary art piece that is designed to be enjoyed while under the influence of either or both, meditation and/or mescaline. Just a suggestion. ©2015 sacred Square Art and Design in conjunction with Little Goddess Randomness Labs.

Ho! Damn there is a lot of “faces’ and hieroglyphic woo in this psychedelic wallpaper. Love those big red diamonds and those totem-like areas in between them. Yeah, go ahead, Manfred, click on it, then again, let they mind soak in a warm bath of gooey metaphysical goopiness. That’s what the stuff was made for. The Little Goddess would totally approve of such a course of action. Trust me, I know.

Well, there’s about 4-meg left, so perhaps I’ll scale something down and do one more post. Can’t decide. But then again, I don’t need to just yet.

As always is the case, your input, thoughts, mad ramblings and glowing praise or utter contempt, is not only appreciated, but sought after and enjoyed by the entire crew here at The Square. Fu Wang, Wolf Girl, Baba Ram Yum Yum, myself and most certainly, The Little Goddess all thank you for dropping by.

Yours in the perpetual pursuit of the Great Cosmic Woo-Hoo…

P.S. To my beloved Zengirl, the woman of my dreams and the conjurer of love, all my love and a Strange Love Haiku to you my precious girl of a girl…

Boy blasts on old table.
Girl flies on silver sky bird.
Pups laugh with delight.


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