"Dream Tripping Wallpaper #286 is an abstract, psychedelic painting by Sacred Square Art and Design. perfect for meditation, being tabbed to the nines and contemplating your existence or just dressing up the foyer. ©2015

Here At The Mid-Western World: Dream Tripping, Strange Love Haikus and Metaphysical Petro-Chemical Interaction. Psychedelic Abstract Art for Lovers of All Types.

“Ruthie will give you the silver key, that opens the red door. Lay down your Jackson and you will see, the sweetness you been crying for…” Ah, yes, on a Steely Dan thing today. Just groovin’ to those laid back, laconic grooves. That and composing strange love haikus for my beloved Zengirl. Mmm… Zengirl… she’s coming to visit me here in the Mid-Western World quite soon and I am all akimbo with feelings of love and panic, lol. I miss her so and love her madly. And today, well today just felt like a day that needed to be devoted to making art. Or at least mad, petro-chemical soaked visual cortex stimulation for dream tripping or just hanging out, and whipping up some fresh guacamole.

And it’s been awhile since I indulged the Little Goddess with some free form visual riffing. Blowing hard colors like a mad, acid soaked Miles Davis, free and unrestricted by conventional melody or song structure. But today, well today was a day to jam. No preconceived notions about outcomes or results, just pure joy, randomness and fast action. Thick and gooey layers of spray blasted paint. Mmm… like some sort of psychedelic alchemist experimenting with the house blend. “Excuse me Stanley, but I’m thinking we push this thing a wee bit harder.” Indeed. And the Little Goddess, my eternal playmate, whole heartedly agreed.

Random collisions… “Can you hear the evil crowd? The lies and the laughter, I hear my inside, the mechanized hum of another world…” the air is scented with that special scent, the sky an overcast blue-grey, but here, at the place where inspiration meets random connectivity, colors bleed madly on a porcelain covered metal table top that my grandmother used to serve me the most delicious cinnamon bread toast slathered in real, honest-to-god butter. Memories intertwining with moments. But I digress, as is usually the case, lol… “turn that jungle music down, at least until we’re out of town…”

Let’s get to the art part, shall we?

Wallpaper for those bored with the choices at the Home Depot…

"Dream Tripping Wallpaper #286 is an abstract, psychedelic painting by Sacred Square Art and Design. perfect for meditation, being tabbed to the nines and contemplating your existence or just dressing up the foyer. ©2015

Oh yeah… click on this one and blow it up big. Lots of delicious details hiding in there. Digging that yellow and that hot, DMT pink. Mmmm… this calls for a strange love haiku…

Girl flies across sky.
Boy paints circles she can see.
Three pups laugh and howl.

Okay, more visuals… 

"Monterey Pop: Acid Soaked Wall paper #753" is a deliciously psychedelic and abstract painting and art work designed to aide meditation and contemplation of the Great Cosmic Woo Hoo.

Yes, yes and hell yes! Love the dynamic duality in this one. That almost Indian Sanskrit green, gold area against the vibrant yellow-pink-orange. Like mad dancers swirling and whirling in the casbah of Ottar the Swinging Prince of Futo. Yeah, just like that.

And another slice of mescaline pie, perhaps? “No thank you, I’ll stick with the Mushroom cookies.”

"Strange Love Hailku #9" is a psychedelic, abstract and quite visionary (dare I say it?) painting and art work by Sacred Square Art and Design. A strange petro-chemical/digital hybrid for a new age seeker looking for the perfect addition to her or his home or perhaps just something cool to stare at while contemplating the future of the past. Hmmm? ©2015

A little less bright, but oh my, those strange faces that seem to have appeared. Oh yeah, click on it and blow it the hell up big. Lots of intricacies and details in this slice of mescaline influenced pie. Dream tripping indeed.

And one more… “Everyone stopped to stare at your technicolor motor home…” yes, yes they did. 

"The Faerie Princess Dreams In Colors: Electric Acid Angel Wallpaper #427" is a psychedelic, abstract and dare I say it, visionary art work and painting from the enhanced minds of the creative team over at Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2015

Boom! Bright, intricate and trippy. Organic in a strange, wondrous way. Fu Wang, the Magic Shih Tzu, loves this one. He likes to listen to Golden Earring’s “Moontan” album before bed and stare into that light blue ocean. He claims it calms his over active third eye chakra. I’ve learned not to argue with him when he’s feeling all metaphysical-like.

So that’s it for now, but there’s more mad visual juju a coming. I can feel it and the Little Goddess is squealing for more.

As is always the case, feel free to leave your thoughts, opinions and insults on our doorstep. Fu Wang, Baba Ram Yum Yum and wolf Girl enjoy rolling about as I read them your comments. They say it tickles.

Yours in playful abandon,
and remember: I tried to warn ya about Chino and Daddy G…


P.S. To my beloved, treasured and absolutely adored Zengirl… all my love baby girl… can’t wait to you arrive.



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