“Where The Streets Have No Name…” Psychedelic, Abstract Art meets the High Desert. Consciousness, love and dream tripping at Joshua Tree.

Oh yes… out in the high desert of California. Joshua Tree National Park. Extraordinary landscapes shared with an extraordinary woman, my beloved Zengirl. Another trip to the warmth and love of her California yielded so very much. And not just new visions and new work, but a deepening of our already soulful relationship as we shared the spiritual power of this quite special place. We rented a place out by the park and went there everyday to walk, climb, and shoot photos. A couple of different lines of work emerged from the experience and experiments. This post features what has become a traditional; “Sacred Square” style of manipulation and invention. Dreamy, trippy, and certainly psychedelic. I’ll post up the other avenue of artistic inquiry either here or on a new blog I’m considering undertaking. But for now, I’ll just dive into these…

Very tribal to me. The colors, patterns and shapes just suggest that shamanic, peyote-fueled vision thing. But then again, that may just be my predilection for such things, lol. You may find something completely different in these warped abstractions of Mammy Nature. Lots of symbols, faces, figures and such appear to me in these. Vision quest dreams in the high desert.

One can’t help but be awed by the landscape at Joshua Tree. The trees themselves are unique. Twisted, bent and individually unique. They scatter across the desert like silent living statues. The rocks are incredible. They sit as if piled up by giant children of a bygone age. They have a silent power. A deepness rooted in their ancientness. There is a quiet out there, when the wind is not blowing, that is beyond quiet. A stillness that stills the jabbering, churning mind. Meditation imposed upon the modern mind by ancient landscape. It is truly a magical place. I can only imagine what it was like three or four thousand years ago, hell, even a hundred years before Columbus.

But enough pondering, time to sink into some visual cortex stimulation… time to descend down below the vastness of the landscape into smaller, yet perhaps, wider fields of vision…

"Joshua Tree Ex. 1" is a psychedelic, visionary and abstract art work created by Sacred Square Art and Design while dream tripping in the high desert of California. ©2015

Something very old, very tribal about this one. The colors are soft and muted and there is much to look at in the intricacies should you choose to click on it and blow it up large. That center draws me in, lets me sink into it and let go. Meditate. Focus. Just blow it up big and stare for awhile. Lower chakra colors along with the creamy variances of whites and grays. Faces and patterns. Symbols. Lots of stuff in this one.


"Joshua Tree Ex 2" is an abstract psychedelic and visionary art piece by the dream tripping fiends over at Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2015. All rights reserved. All wrongs reversed.

Darker. Deeper. The long desert night during the Winter Solstice. Very shamanic to me. Like a mask in the center. Ravens. Crows. Condors. Bright lower chakra colors and vibrations set in those deeper hues of blues, reds, purples and grays. Another one to click on and blow up larger. Allow yourself to sink in. Sink deep.

And last, but not least…

"Joshua Tree Ex. 3" is a visionary abstract and psychedelic art work by those mad peyote visionaries at Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2015. All rights reserved. All wrongs reversed.

Brighter, more electric feeling. Very trippy, psychedelic center area. All the chakra colors at play in this one. Loads of shapes, symbols and faces appear when you click on it and blow it up big. Deliciously warm, a dream tripping pool to fall into and soak up the magical, spiritual vibrations while washing off the mundane and everyday. Or at least, something way cool to space out on for a few minutes during a tough day at the office.

As always, your thoughts, opinions and mad ramblings are cherished by the small staff of dream tripping delinquents here at The Square. So please, by all means, share yourself.

Yours in exploring the wonder of creative expression and random accidents…

P.S. To my most beloved and utterly cherished and adored Zengirl… so many thanks for the sweet, magical and healing love you bring me.


5 thoughts on ““Where The Streets Have No Name…” Psychedelic, Abstract Art meets the High Desert. Consciousness, love and dream tripping at Joshua Tree.

  1. The colors and the connectedness to that sacred vibe in the desert, the energy of the timeless mystic, really reach. Will you be offering prints of these in the store?I like the writing with these as well. hey seem to increase vibrationally in their sequence: sacred stillness/plant/stone, deeper mystic yin/shaman, Universal psychedelic vibrations. If you make prints, let me know.

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