“New Year’s Eve, 1969” and other Psychedelic, Abstract Art Experiments from the Garden of Eternal Happiness. Blasting away in the final days of Fall. Dream tripping on visions of Fillmore Light Shows.

Ah yes, blasting away on the thin ice of a new day, lol. A little nod to Jethro Tull there. And why not? While there is no ice as of yet here in the Garden of Eternal Happiness, these are certainly the last days of fall here in the Garden. Yes, the great wheel turns as it always does, towards the Winter Solstice and the long, long night. And, in an effort to celebrate the non-icing, I’ve done a little bit of blasting to set the tone for some new trippy, psychedelic wonderment. And it’s a very peyote laced tone, lol.

Oh yes, quite the visual cortex stimulating picture party these do make. I couldn’t help but think of those mid-to-late 1960’s light shows from Winterland and the Fillmore West/East as these new works came together in their co-creative collision of randomness. And the Little Goddess was in complete agreement, squealing several times with playful delight as pieces came together to form new things, unforeseen things. And that is certainly the joy in this; allowing randomness to have it’s say, the Little Goddess to have her play and see what couldn’t possibly have been foreseen emerge from it all.

So in that late 1960’s spirit of love and damn fine acid, I give you this collection of psychedelic art visuals for your enjoyment. Perfect for pondering while enjoying some tabs or while engaging in some stimulant-free meditation. Either way, click on ’em and blow them up big and dive into all the strange patterns, symbols, faces, figures and whatnot that emerge. In other words, float about and enjoy.

Up first is “New Year’s Eve, 1969″…

"New Year's Eve, 1969" is a psychedelic, visionary abstract art work reminiscent of the late 1960s light shows at the Fillmore East and West. Created by those mad fools and peyote fueled visionaries at Sacred Square Art and Design in co-creative union with The Little Goddess Randomness Labs. ©2014

There’s something about that soft, glowing purple-pink area that just sets the whole thing off for me. The surrounding aqua blues and other variations just add more intricacies and color to it all.  Loads of strange shapes, faces, figures and quasi-symbols infuse that central axis making for fun discoveries should you choose to click on it and blow it up big. I can so see this mutating and throbbing with glowing goodness behind the Jefferson Airplane, circa 1969… but, you may feel or see something quite different. That’s quite alright, carry on with your visions.

And here’s “Moths of the New Peyote Dream”…

"Moths of the New Peyote Dream" is a visionary psychedelic abstract art work from those mad fools over at Sacred Square Art and Design. Perfect of meditational pursuits or just gazing at in stoned rapture when the mushrooms you took begin to kick in. ©2014

Like some sort of Aztec Moth, this one delivers the goods in vibrant, trippy color fields and intricate strangeness. The yellow and the oranges certainly grabbed me, as well as the bright blue. And the center blue and purple are really quite nice to explore larger. This one also has the 1960s “light show” quality to it as I could see it permeating and changing to the thunderous assault of Cream or Blue Cheer. Lots of trippy coolness all over this thing. Go ahead, click on it. Click again. Make it big and dive into the pool of altered consciousness. No worries, the water is divine.

And, for those who lie things very bright… “DMT Triptych 1″…

"DMT Triptych 1" is yet another abstract, visionary psychedelic art work for those who like to dream trip or meditate to some gooey, colorful visual cortex stimulation. ©2014 Sacred Square Art and Design.

Oh yeah, this one is certainly a candidate for light show manipulation. Oozing colors, melting into each other. That insanely bright green exploding in psychedelic joy. And the very center has some way cool little things happening in it’s core. A psychedelic soup for those seeking the enlightened nourishment of Mammy Nature’s bounty of special mushrooms, peyote or perhaps, a hit of high quality blotter acid. It also goes well with wine and a bong hit. Makes a nice conversation starter at dinner parties, too.

As always, I encourage your comments, thought and insights as well as your mad ramblings on the meaning of it all, or lack thereof… Baba Ram Yum Yum, Fu Wang and Wolf Girl are also quite enamored of interaction with our visitors here at The Square. So don’t be shy. Tell us what you think.

Yours in playing in the possibilities,

P.S. To my most beloved and treasured Zengirl… thank you for all the wonder you give this boy and for all the love you share. 


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