Sacred Square Tee-Shirts! The Buddha, Kush Dank and more at digital Psychedelic, metaphysical art meets dye sublimation, all-over print tee-shirts and lives happily ever after.

Wow. This is pretty cool. Awhile back I was contacted by a company called Digital Peyote (how terribly fitting, heh?) and asked if I would like to collaborate on creating some tee-shirts with them. They mentioned being fans of the art work and wondered if I would let them print some shirts and sell them. I was flattered and after a couple of conversations, decided that I would give them a couple of designs they were interested in and we’d go from there.

I didn’t give it a whole lot of thought and went back about my own creative business. Well, last week I got a package that had actual tee-shirts in it! First off, I was pretty blown away by the quality of the shirts themselves. Very nice, soft with a really good feel. Secondly, the print quality was really good. They looked great. They let me know that they were finishing up the website and asked if I’d share the stuff here on the Square and also perhaps write a few things for them. Of course I agreed.

I really like these guys. They have a great attitude and a very cool product. The shirts are not cheap, but they are very high quality, very limited editions and they give you FREE SHIPPING and 20% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER. Just use the code 1STTRIP. The shirts they did are from the Buddhas in the Garden and some marijuana art posts. They are doing them as limited editions. We’ll see how these go and then move forward from there. Or not. They told me in an email today that they are making sales and that everybody is really digging the shirts, especially the Buddha one.

So I figured I’d share this news and Digital Peyote with all of you.

Here’s pics of the shirts. First, The Buddha!

"Buddha Visions" limited edition dye sublimation tee-shirt from Digital Peyote. Psychedelic, metaphysical and visionary trippy art work by Sacred Square.

Here’s a link to the original post for the artwork here ion the Square…

And here’s “Kush Dank, The Hindu God of Bongs”… 🙂

"Kush Dank, The Hindu God of Bongs" psychedelic dye sublimation tee shirt by Digital Peyote. Trippy cool, marijuana-based art work by Sacred Square.


Here’s a link to the original art work in the Kush Dank post…

So there you have it. Pretty cool t-shirts I must say and the dye sublimation process actually imbeds the ink into the fibers of the garment so they tell me, these things can stand up to a lot of washings before showing any signs of fading.

My thanks and congratulations to the folks over at digital for doing such an awesome job on the shirts.

As always, feel free to comment, rage, wax eloquently or anything else.

Yours in creative exploration,


P.S. To my most treasured and beloved Zengirl… I love you so, baby.


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