Electric Gooey Velvet Love Machines and other Fables of the Lost Cantina of The Four Eyed Serpent Prince. Dream Tripping as The Princess of Fall does her slow strip tease. Psychedelic Abstract Visionary Art for the Long Road Ahead.

Stay with me Baba, the real show’s about to get started… and lo, and behold, it truly is. The annual 7 Veil Dance of The Princess of Fall is in full swing in the Northern latitudes. And although my heart belongs to WeHolly and those dream tripper ceilings above the bed of the Faerie Princess, I can’t help but marvel at ever changing subtleties of the Autumn. The colors, blending into hot, lower chakra mixes of yellow, orange and red. Still plenty of heart chakra green left. Leaves… falling like a magical rain in soft wind. Electric gooey velvet love machine indeed. Yes, I’m babbling a bit, letting words flow and fold into one another, free form improv, because I’m feeling that creative juju, yeah the magical sweet juice… the divine connection to the Little Goddess and her never ending desire to play and create and make love to the world.

The Lost Cantina… final outpost before we set sail along those winding jungle trails in search of the magic, the unknown, the sparkly little mind grease that slips inside us, lubricating the stiff wheels of reality and allowing us to bend time, and our vision, to color outside the lines as we walk those lush trails and play with the sweet fruit. The Four Eyed Serpent Prince awaits us, sitting on his throne of dreams and wonders. Dispensing with small talk in favor of mad laughter and smiles as wide as the sea upon which he sailed to find this vortex, this time shifted place amongst the haughty ruins of civilization. And it is here that we dance upon the bones of the arrogant and the foolish and throw ourselves open with hearts filled with gratitude and strangeness. Ever seeking, ever searching…

So lets dive into the great gooey velvet electric love stew that is today’s creative impulses…

Set the Lovenometer for Maximum Velocity…

Electric Velvet Love Machine 1 is a psychedelic, visionary and completely mind altering slice of abstract art cooked up by those mad fiends at Sacred Square Art and Design. Just for you. Honest. ©2014

Electric Savage, name thy price, for I must have it! Hot, gooey, flush with chakra love bomb colors. Breathing. Alive. Grab the tabs, Billy Bob, we’re sailing the deep river tonight…

Next up…

complex densities inside the Time Tube have Ashton and Shay reconsidering their heavy investment in Miley Cyrus bootlegs…

Miley's Got The Grease 1 is a volatile and yet meditative piece of psychedelic visionary abstract art from the masters of such high form nonsense, Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2014 Blow your Face off.

Intricate meanderings down the hallways of delicious complex neuro love channels. So many little things, icons, faces, alien hieroglyphics, old bebop riffs discarded in favor of a cooler jazz, Miles blowing sweet on the box while Jimi tunes up and prepares for his encore. Click on it… blow it up big. Dive in to that visual pool…

Next, please and give the check to Todd… that bastard owes me…

Crystal of The Four Eyed Serpent Prince 1 is yet another reason to drop those tabs and venture into the warm pool of psychedelic visionary abstract art work that is at the core of the fundamental belief system of Sacred Square Art and Design. Dig it. ©2014

Pure crystal visions, the Four Eyed Serpent Prince, high on his throne, getting into some heavy petting with the ever ripe moon maiden as she sings her cooing lullaby of warm, slow love in his deformed, yet perfectly in tune, left ear… magic, pure magic that woman is… high chakra vibrational medicine for those who need to get clear about things… real fucking clear.

As always, your thoughts, ideas, insights or criticism is not only wanted but deeply appreciated. Baba Ram Yum Yum loves reading that shit.

Yours in redefining the reality,

P.S. To my most treasured and beloved Zengirl, the Faerie Princess of WeHolly herself, all my love and madness… yours, always and only….


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