Altar-rations: Dream Tripping in the Sacred Space of ZenGirl. Abstract Art and Psychedelic Visions at the Place of Prayer and Devotion.

She speaks with spirits.

She sees the web of synchronicity through intuitive eyes.

She notices the smallest of things.

She finds peace, love and guidance all around her in her daily doings.

She nurtures connection and devotion to the larger field of knowing.

She creates sacred prayer and convenes with the Goddess.

She is both woman and child…

the best parts of both.

A muse, a guide, a teacher…

and thankfully, my lover, my mate, my sanctuary.


ZenGirl is all those things and so, so much more. And yes, I am deeply, truly and magickally in love with the woman, the girl, the child.

On my visit to her Kingdom of WeHolly, I took a picture of her altar, the sacred space in which she conjures and intimates connection.

The other night I came across the photo while looking at other pictures of her Treehouse and her.

As is my want and nature, I played with it, to see what the Little Goddess would bring to the co-creative party.

And, as is always the case, she didn’t disappoint.

So here’s a Dream Tripper’s look at the Sacred Prayer Space of ZenGirl… electric altar of the divine.

“Altar 1: The Dreaming Space”

"The Altar: The Dreaming Space" is a psychedelic, abstract visionary art work created from photographs and digital manipulations by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2014


Sink into those high chakra fields in the center. Offset with root chakra red and green heart chakra energies, there’s a great feel to the center area. Trippy? Of course! Loads of colors and shapes. Interweaved into a meditative dream space. Well, that’s how I see it. Your results may vary. 🙂

“Altar 2: The Field of Prayer”

"The Altar 2: The Field of Prayer" is a dreamy, visionary abstract psychedelic art piece from the mescaline influenced minds of Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2014

That center just does something for me. Like an orchid in some strange way, unfolding, opening to take in the prayer thought… deep third eye blue holding the center.

"The Altar 3: The Knowing Space" is an abstract psychedelic and visionary art work from the inner child at Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2014

Perhaps a hint of a HAL9000 or two in the center area? Hmmm? Perhaps. I do love the way the shapes line up in this one, like some game board for a magickal, spiritual game. A cosmic game. There’s also a slight, but wonderfully strange shift in perspective with this incarnation.

And a little bonus wallpaper… for those looking to improve the guest bedroom.

"Altar 4: Wallpaper1" is a psychedelic abstract visionary art work by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2014

As always, your comments, thoughts and feigned outrage are encouraged and welcomed by the entire small, but fiercely loyal staff here at The Square. Really.

Yours in whatever this is…
which is whatever we make it.


P.S. To my most beloved and cherished ZenGirl… “I love you”.


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