Psychedelic Wallpaper from the Kingdom of WeHolly: Home Decor meets Abstract Dream Tripper Art and lives happily ever after.

Ahhh… yes, the Kingdom of the Faerie Princess of WeHolly offered much in the way of inspiration and certainly served to spark the co-creative fire within me. And why wouldn’t it? Three beautiful, lazy, lovey days spent with the most enchanting woman I’ve ever met, and a bountiful garden filled with new fauna to play with. Yes, quite the perfect thing for yours truly.

These works, done in a wallpaper style of repeating pattern are vibrant and soaked in mescaline fueled visions. Of course, you don’t have to be tripping to enjoy the visual cortex stimulation, but it is an added bonus for those who enjoy such things.

All sorts of totems, figures, faces, alien hieroglyphics, and mystical, metaphysical patterns and forms emerge when working in this way. Lots of high vibrationals and chakra colors run amok in the work. I can only say to click on them and blow them up big and dive into the warm pool of visual stimulation… go ahead, the water’s just fine…

Without any further ado, here’s the little mind bombs for your enjoyment…

WeHolly Wallpaper 1 is a psychedelic, visionary and quite abstract art work from Sacred Square Art and Design. Visual cortex stimulation for dream trippers. ©2014 Sacred Square

Vibrating like a fever mad Incan Prince loaded up on pulque and mushrooms, I really love all the faces and figures conjured in the co-creative randomness. Electric, indeed.

And here’s another… WeHolly Wallpaper 2…

WeHolly Wallpaper 2 is a visionary art work soaked in peyote fueled psychoactive abstractness and psychedelica. ©2014 Sacred Square Art and Design in conjunction with Mammy Nature Mind Expansion Center.


Electric and vibrating like mad. Hot colors set against those cooler blues. Faces, symbols, figures and totems abound. This would be a good choice for the kid’s room, dontcha think?

And here’s WeHolly Wallpaper 3…

WeHolly Wallpaper 3 is yet another psychedelic, abstract and visionary art work from the mescaline fueled minds of Sacred Square Art and Design. Enjoy! ©2014

A softer vision, rich in high chakra colors for those looking to blow open that third eye and/or crown chakra. Beautiful symbols and dream tripping faces appear throughout calling you down for an extended viewing and meditation. Fear not, o traveller of time and space…

And lastly, but far from leastly, WeHolly Wallpaper 4…

WeHolly Wallpaper 4 is an abstract visionary and very psychedelic art work intended for meditation freaks and funky yogis. ©2014 Sacred Square Art and Design

Like stained glass windows in some peyote church calling out to all the funky yogis to come and meditate on the great meaning of it all, or just stare blissfully into the visual cortex overload of this mescaline dream. I think I need a rug like this…


As always, your thoughts, ideas and feelings are not only welcomed but cherished by all here at the Square. Especially Fu Wang, the magic Shih Tzu, who considers himself quite the art critic.

Yours in interrupting the mundane,

P.S. As always, all my love and gratitude to my beloved Zengirl for all her inspiration and support. It wouldn’t exist without her.


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