Dream Tripping in the Kingdom of WeHolly: Abstract Psychedelic Art from the Courtyard of the Faerie Princess. 3 Days in the Big Love.

Been quite a while since I posted up anything here on the Square. Well, I’ve been busy, lol. Things have heated up in my pursuit of happiness, but I have to confess that I just wasn’t feeling that much inspiration and creative pull to make whatever it is that this stuff is. I’ve been pouring that energy into other things. But, a recent event has caused a seismic shift and while I’m still loaded with work has caused the creative need to arise and take hold.

And what was this earth moving event, you ask? A trip to the Faerie Kingdom of WeHolly and 3 days spent with my most treasured and beloved Zengirl. For those of you who have followed (or perhaps dropped in frequently) to the Square, you already know of my love for Zengirl. Well, what many don’t know is that we had never met in the “real world” until this trip I made to her beloved Kingdom. Yes, it’s true, we were exclusively an internet based relationship, a long distance love affair until just recently.

I can only say that we both had the time of our lives during my visit and that both of us are head over heels, mad about each other. Without exaggeration, it was literally the three best days of my life. She was and is extraordinary in all ways. Incredibly sweet and loving. She is appreciative of every little thing and gives me so much. She truly is my Faerie Princess and the love of my life.

Before I left the Kingdom, I was inspired to snap off some quick pictures of all the plant life in the Royal Courtyard. The Courtyard is home to a beautiful cacti garden created by her neighbor. It is quite beautiful in it’s natural state, but you know me, I saw it through the lens of the Little Goddess.  I think things turned out quite nice. Some, heavily psychedelic in nature with a vibrancy that just cooks. Others a bit softer, but with a beautiful menagerie of chakra colors and forms. All have that wonderful randomness that is at the root of my practice and interaction with Mammy Nature and my favorite playmate, the Little Goddess. Mystical figures, faces and forms appear, especially along the axises. Strange bedfellows in my little dream tripping world.

But enough of my babble yap, let’s get to the mescaline soaked visual cortex stimulation, shall we?

“Dream Tripping in the Courtyard 1”

"Tripping In WeHolly 1A" is a psychedelic, abstract and, dare I say, visionary art work based on photographs of the natural world in the Kingdom of WeHolly where the Faerie Princess of WeHolly lives. ©2014 Sacred Square Art and Design in conjunction with Little Goddess Life Experiment Labs.

Vibrant colors set against deep blues and blacks. High and low chakra vibrations descending into that center. This one has a very 3-dimensional effect to me. Your results may differ, but I find it reminiscent of peyote buttons in some strange way. But then again, I tend to lean that way…

and this one… “Dream Tripping in the Courtyard 2”

"Tripping In WeHolly 2B" is a vibrant abstract, visionary psychedelic maelstrom or perhaps art work created by the deliciously twisted strangelings at Sacred Square Art and Design in co-operative co-creativeness with Mammy Nature and her favorite playmate The Little Goddess. ©2014 Sacred Square Art and Design.


Heart chakra greens dominate along with those throat and third eye chakra blues. Love the center area. A totem like vision. A round of tabs for my guests, please…

Next up… you guessed it… “Dream Tripping in the Courtyard 3”.

"Tripping in WeHolly 3D" is a psychedelic masterpiece of visionary and abstract art. A tour-de-force of strange and wonderful energies permeating your over amped cranium and injecting it with love and happiness. Yes it is. ©2014 Sacred Square Art and Design.


A different kind of energy on this lone. That cool blue and grey center surrounded by those intensely patterned areas. Lots of trippy little details in this one. Click on it to make it bigger and enjoy…

And another…”Dream Tripping in the Courtyard 4″… ’cause I just couldn’t stop..

"Tripping in the Courtyard 4A" is yet another abstract psychedelic and visionary art work from Sacred Square Art and Design. Bright shards of color and form penetrate the outer defenses and sensibilities of the modern mind and push past them into the deep centers owhere the happiness is stored. ©2014 Sacred Square Art and Design.

The big purple of the crown chakra dominates and encases that delicious center. Energy crackles along the ovality of this one. I’m thinking good mescaline and this thing blown up real big would be a wonderful thing… but, as I’ve said, I tend to lean that way… psychedelic? Why yes, Tom, it is.

And lastly for today… “Dream Tripping in the Courtyard 5″…

"Tripping in WeHolly 5" is one damn intense piece of psychedelic, tribal, abstract visionary art if we dare say so ourselves. ©2014 Sacred Square Art and Design.

Boom goes the visual cortex on this one, lol. Damn vibrant and damn trippy. This just makes me want to get high and groove on it for awhile. All the chakra colors are present and accounted for with this work. Go ahead, click on it and click it again. Make it big and sink into that delicious color swirl mayhem… quite the tribal thing.

As always, feel free to tell us your thoughts, feelings or just ramble madly on the meaning of art, life and true love…

Yours in disrupting the everyday,

P.S. To my beloved, and oh so treasured Zengirl… all my love, all my life… yours and yours alone.

Oops… couldn’t resist… one more… a “bonus track” so to speak… 

'Tripping in WeHolly 6" is a bonus psychedelic visionary abstract art work put into this post because we love you all so very much here at the Square. Baba Ram Yum Yum, Horus and Wolf Girl are very excited that we're making more mescaline soaked art. ©2014 Sacred Square Art and Design in cocreative cooperation with Little Goddess Art Life Experiments.

Smoke ’em. if you got ’em… 🙂


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