Liquid Color Love Enhancers: Shamans of The New Love, Series 2. Dreaming of Spring with Baba Ram Yum Yum. Abstract Psychedelic Art for Dream Trippers.

Ah, yes… Spring. It has been one long, cold and quite snowy Winter here in the beautiful wastelands of She-Ka-Go, but the worm, as they say, seems to be turning. We’ve yet to see that life affirming explosion of green, but the trees are budding and a few early flower bulbs have pushed themselves up in search of the divine warmth of Ra. And while I wonder if we shall not feel one more blast from the loosening grip of Winter, it seems that the big wheel is indeed turning. And that’s good. A little sun, a hint of warmth is all that is needed to lift my creative spirit and that of my beloved Baba Ram Yum Yum and his cohorts, Fu Wang and Wolf Girl.

Yeah, Baba Ram is once again bouncing and bounding about in the Garden of Eternal Happiness free of the restrictions of foot deep snow. Baba is a playful sort, and even in the depths of Winter, he stays happy in the present moment. But ah, Spring. Spring fills the air with so many earthy scents and sends Baba off exploring and rooting about. Rolling in the brown and green grass, exploring the nooks and crevices of the Garden’s many areas. And Baba is full of joy and love. The songs of birds have returned and Baba likes birds. He often sits and listens to them chirp and talk while he basks in the warmth of the sun. And squirrels are busy with newborn babies although Baba confesses to not having much love or use for them, lol. But, on the whole, Baba Ram Yum Yum is one happy soul. In love with the magick of Mammy Nature and her favorite creative, The Little Goddess.

And so am I… happy to be feeling the yearning to create, the desire to spray blast and take pictures and discover more inside the great Co-Creative Lab of Mammy. Itching and twitching for psychedelic visions to once again emerge in a swirl of pattern and shape, creating new forms and reviving totem like figures and faces, ancient markers and signs, the hieroglyphics of peyote fueled visions. Oh yeah, spring time is the rebirth, the awakening from the long sleep, like a psychedelic traveller tabbing up for a journey out on the inside edge. Growth. Love. Rebirth.

And so this new work emerges, fueled by my ever deepening love for my beloved Zengirl and my ever present yearning to create with The Little Goddess. These appeared like shamans to me, hence the name. Shamans of The New Love. The true love, the expansive, all encompassing, unconditional love that is what fuels the heart of Baba Ram and his cohorts. The compassionate empathy and caring that finds expression in their loving natures. The New Love is strong and growing stronger. Fear and anxiety have no chance against it, for it smashes old boundaries and self imposed limitation and brings forth a new way of living, of thinking and of being.

Ah, but you’re here for the psychedelic visual cortex stimulation… so let’s get to the peyote boom stick, shall we?

Here’s “Shaman of The New Love, Series 2: #1”

"Shamans of The New Love, Series 2: #1" is a psychedelic, visionary abstract art work and image by sacred Square Art and Design. © 2014

Bright, saturated colors and shamanic faces in the energy fields. Mmmmm…. I think all the chakra colors are present in this one. I love the center area and that vibrant color field energy.

And next up…. “Shaman of The New Love, Series 2: #2”

Here's "Shaman of The New Love, Series 2: #2" is an abstract visionary and very psychedelic art work and image from the peyote influenced minds of Sacred Square Art and Design headquartered in The Garden of Eternal Happiness. ©2014

More light in this one, that crystal consciousness center, High chakra purples. More symbols and faces. Mmmm… pass that pipe over here….

Here’s “Shaman of The New Love, Series 2: #3”

"Shaman of The New Love, Series 2: #3" is a psychedelic. abstract and quite visionary art work and painting by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2014

Faces in the light. Dreamy and trippy with that deep red totemic center. High chakra purples and blues.

and finally, for your consideration… “Shaman of The New Love #4″…

"Shamans of The New Love #4" is an abstract visionary psychedelic art work and painting from the peyote fueled and acid soaked minds of Sacred Square Art and Design in collaboration with Little Goddess Co-Creative Labs

A deeper feel. Perhaps more organic. Heart chakra greens and  high chakra blues… very totemic to me. Lots of “faces” in the mix.

As always, your thoughts, opinions and insights are most welcomed and encouraged.

Yours in disrupting the conventional wisdom,

P.S. To my beloved and cherished Zengirl… 🙂 I love you baby and thank you for all that you bring to this man.



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