The Long Winter Fading: Ceilings of WeHolly. Psychedelic Abstract Art for Dream Trippers and Color Freaks inspired by the Faerie Princess of WeHolly.

Mmmm… been awhile since I last made some art. I confess, the harshness of this last winter here in the wastelands of She-Ka-Go has made things rather… blah. No spray blasting, no flowers. I have done some work based off the winter conditions, but I just hit a wall with it in terms of it being inspirational. Me thinks I need to resettle myself in a warmer wonderland. However, a recent ice storm (after a few glorious days of high forties, low fifties) did give me cause to snap some pics and play about.

The results are these “Faerie Ceilings of WeHolly”. WeHolly is a magickal place and in many ways, a state of mind, that I share with my beloved and treasured Zengirl. We’re both into the “faerie” thing and what we call “the magick speakies”… I won’t go into that any further, lol. But I will share some deliciously abstract psychedelic art with you all. Some more trippy than others, but all have their individual thing. As for being ceilings, that’s how I think of them. Magickal ceilings in the palace of the Faerie Princess of WeHolly.

So, without any further babbling, here’s some vibrant visionary visuals for worn out winter minds…

"Faerie Ceiling 2" is an abstract, psychedelic and visionary art work and meditation piece by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2014


Melts in your mind, not in your hands… this one is certainly made for some psychoactive gazing and wonderment. How many shrooms did the dormouse eat?

Next room…

"Faerie Ceiling 1" is a psychedelic, abstract art work an visionary meditation piece recreated from the actual fabled Faerie Ceilings of weHolly where the Faerie Princess of WeHolly holds court. Sacred Square Art and Design ©2014

Oooo… a rather 3 dimensional feel… sink into that deep, rich blue. Stimulation for the throat and third eye chakras. A delicious diamond shaped mandala for dreaming deep and loving dreamies…. or cuddling with your lover and whispering the magick speakies…

and moving right along….

"Faerie Ceiling 4" is an abstract visionary psychedelic art work from the mescaline soaked minds of those fiends at Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2014. All rights reserved. All wrongs reversed.


Electric blues illuminating that divine center area. Loads of detail and rich vibrant madness in this one…. mmmm…

and let us finish this portion of the tour in this room…

"Faerie Ceiling 3" is a psychedelic visionary and very abstract digital art work designed for relaxation, meditation and enjoyment after indulging in a little of Mammy Nature's finest. ©2014 Sacred Square Art and Design


This must be where the Fire Faerie sleeps when she’s not out cavorting with her good friends, the Lightning Bugs. Love the lower chakra colors in this one. Vibrant. Trippy. Magickal.

As is always, your comments, thoughts, insights and random bursts of white light, white heat and white noise are appreciated and welcomed…

Yours in playing in the possibility…

P.S. To my Faerie Princess of WeHolly… I love you so!



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