Preview image for "NE RIPPLES" is an abstract, psychedelic and visionary puddle of love inspired art from Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2014. Dig it.

“The Five Fingered Path To Love” A simple, effective and beautiful mantra meditation from Zengirl and some Abstract, Trippy, Gooey Art for all you Dream Trippers.

My true love, Zengirl, just posted a quite beautiful and simple meditation/mantra on her blog, “The Voice That Guides” and I feel compelled to share it with you all. Why? It’s simple. It’s easy and it works! You’ll be feeling better in no time at all with this one. Guaranteed. It’s not a “traditional” meditation, but then Zengirl herself is not all that “traditional”, lol. But she is dialed in, living in intuitive harmony and always seeking a greater connection to the Universe. She’s been rocking her blog, delivering truths and insights as she discovers them. She’s deep and she’s playful and she’s always a good read that, at the very least, will make the synapses fire and the think engine turn over.

This Five Fingered Path To Love or Love Ripples, as she calls it, is simple, fast and easy. So if you’ve struggled with meditation, this may be a door opener for you. You don’t even need to close your eyes and you can even walk and chew gum while doing it. All I can say is try it. Play with it. You’ve got nothing to lose but the blues.

And here’s some psychedelic visuals for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing. Three trippy remnants of recent experiments on the high road. Hope you enjoy…

"NE RIPPLES" is an abstract, psychedelic and visionary puddle of love inspired art from Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2014. Dig it.

Like a heartbeat. Soft and luminous. Another alien ultrasound perhaps. Blow it up big and sink into it.

"NE DARKLY2" is another one of those damn trippy, psychedelic meditation art works from the warped and oh-so-visionary minds that stumble about the Garden of Eternal Happiness over here at Sacred Square Art and Design. A gaggle of goofs indeed! ©2014

The star light time… dreamy stuff on the edge of sleep… the great gate opening into the subconscious and the other world. Mmmm… soft intricacies and enchantments await…

"NE CT1A" is pure visual fun and another psychedelic mind voyage art work from the abstract and obtuse cranial ports of the fine fools at Sacred Square Art and Design. Liberation of the spirit is our goal and if we can't have that, we'll settle for just making your walls happier. ©2014.

Vibrant and trippy. Purples and Blues and Greens, oh my! An eye? Of what? Newt? Perhaps…. Designed to expand your consciousness and create more love and prosperity in your life. And if we can’t have that, well, we will settle for making your walls happier.

As always… do something wonderful today!

Yours in sharing the New Love,

P.S. To my beloved and so very treasured girl of a girl… You so rock!


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