“Sharing The New Love” Baba Ram Yum Yum shares the wisdom and the love. Abstract Psychedelic Art Wallpaper and Stray Thoughts.

Baba knows. He just does. So does Fu Wang and so does Wolf Girl. Know the simple joy of living in the present moment within the glowing fields of unconditional love. And that is their great gift. To know not worry of the future or the pains of the past. To be in the now. They are eternally grateful. They are joyful when they get to share their love. Nothing makes them happier than sharing their love. And there in lays a great truth. The cornerstone of the New Love. In it’s simplest form it’s “Give your love.” Freely. To any and all you encounter. Extraordinarily simple, yet, often times, extraordinarily difficult.

So how does one give their love? Do I need to hug total strangers in the mall? Well, you could hug total strangers, but most find that sort of experience, ummm, uncomfortable. At least without some conversation beforehand or a sign that says, “Free Hugs! Get Yours Today!” Which, by the way, isn’t a bad idea. I wonder how many people would take you up on that one?

Actually sharing your love is as easy as sharing a smile. Greeting your fellow humans with a smile is quite empowering and quite contagious. Most people can’t help but smile back. You might want to put a sign on the lawn, or create a bumper sticker that says “Smile” or perhaps “Tell someone you love them.” Just a reminder to all that see it. You won’t know if the angry man behind you in traffic went home and hugged his son or daughter and told them he loved them, but you  will be sharing the idea of love to him. And it’s interesting how so many of us would quickly dismiss the thought of putting a sign on their lawn to support and nurture love, but would be more than ready to place a politician’s placard in that same spot. Hmmm? We are an interesting bunch. What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding, indeed?

Sharing your love is taking the time to share yourself. With someone on the street, someone of the street. Someone you don’t know. Of stopping for a moment to recognize the human being that’s sitting or standing there. We spend so much time “in fear of” people. The unknown. The different. We don’t want to get too close. We don’t want to see. Sharing yourself with those that need it most is the best way to bring the New Love into fruition. Into being.

And what exactly is this New Love that Baba Ram Yum Yum speaks of? It’s love without boundaries. Love that doesn’t judge. It’s not dispensed in thimbles, it’s dispensed in buckets. Big buckets. It’s love for all, not just for the ones you know. It’s a light that shines through the darkness of our fears and inaction. It obliterates injustice and indifference. You can throw your money at our social problems and perhaps you feel good about that. That’s enough, I’ve done my part. I’m helping. And while your money is helpful, throwing, sharing and showing your love is far more potent. If you can combine both your money and your love, well, you can do some serious damage to fear, prejudice, separateness and hate.

I’m lucky, I have an amazing partner who shares her love with the world everyday. Every where she goes. She takes the time to see. She takes the time to learn a man who is between homes name. To treat those that we so often marginalize with respect and caring. She hugs and feeds those who need it most. She is an exception, a light.

I’m also quite lucky because of recent events in my life that have given me the opportunity to share my love with another group of often forgotten people. My mom is 91 years young and she recently fell and broke her arm which lead to her needing to be placed in a local nursing home for rehabilitation and safety concerns. I’m quite fortunate that it’s right down the street and I can go there each evening and have dinner with her. Share some time.

The nursing home is crowded. It’s full of people of varying ages, who, for whatever reason need to be monitored, need to be cared for in ways that they can’t get anywhere else. Some have no families, some have no visitors. Some are confined to wheelchairs and need assistance for everything. At first, I found the experience quite depressing. A sadness would nearly overwhelm me as I walked through the hallways. I would not let my eyes wander. I would not let myself see these fellow human beings. I felt ashamed of myself. I felt badly for them and yet, I couldn’t seem to see or couldn’t see to realize the difference my attention, a few fleeting moments of my time, a smile, a hello, just an acknowledgement would bring.

I met a woman, a very small woman, who was confined to an electric wheelchair, outside smoking one day. Her name was Alice. She was highly intelligent with a devious smile. She engaged me in conversation and I learned, over the ensuing days a great deal about Alice’s life. She was living an amazing life. A woman, who in the boy’s club world of business in the late 1950’s and 1960’s, used her intelligence and conversational ability to create a career that spanned decades. Rising up from the secretarial pool of a family owned chemical manufacturing business to be placed in charge of all logistics for the company when it was bought out by a larger concern in the late seventies. She did this while fighting against polio. She walked with two canes and life wasn’t easy. Doing the simple things that we take for granted was difficult for Alice. But she didn’t care. Alice just did it.

Meeting Alice, and bringing her some good coffee each day (nursing home coffee is horrible), was a pivotal thing for me. It shattered my preconceptions and reminded me that it just comes down to outlook. I began engaging others, learning from and talking with more people. Last night I met Scotty “Call me Willy, my friends do” Williamson. A man in a wheelchair who shared my love for baseball. Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, he had come to Chicago with his mother in 1948 as an eight year old boy. Willy and I talked for a good half an hour about baseball and the smile on Willy’s face as he recounted the players he had seen, well, that smile infected me. I left last night, as I have for the last few months, feeling more blessed, more alive, than when I went in. Willy shared his love, of baseball, of people and his big, broad smile and it made me feel better. Made me smile.

And that’s the thing about sharing your love… you will get more back than you can imagine. Guaranteed.

Sharing the New Love isn’t hard. It just takes a little time. A little surrender of the to-do list and the busy life. It takes but a moment to smile, to say hello. That moment has a power that can change another human. That moment can give hope, can remind them and you, that we are all the same and that we all need to be loved. To feel the warmth of it. When I shook Willy’s hand it was warm. Filled with love.

And now that I’ve bored you to tears… here’s some delicious psychedelic wallpaper you won’t find at Lowes, Menards or the Home Depot… well, at least not yet…

"NE WP404" is abstract, psychedelic wallpaper art for those who are looking for something a little different in the home improvement aisle. ©2014 Sacred Square Art and Design in conjunction with Little Goddess Productions.

For those who like it bright and busy. Squiggly lines and shapes of chakra infused color that pulsate in your visual cortex, especially if you’re a little “enhanced”, shall we say. Psychedelic confetti reorganized into flowing and glowing shape shifters. Imagine a head full of mescaline and walking into a room with a wall covered in this…

Next up, something more sedate, so to speak…

"NE WP400" is some triply ass, electric kool aid psychedelic abstract wallpaper art for home or computer screen. Groove your big groove with a head full of high quality acid to this marvel of visual cortex stimulation. ©2014 Sacred Square Art and Design.

Like some trippy ass plaid gone all astray. Lava flow oranges and reds offsetting the soft grey-purple lines and shapes. Sci-Fi Metropolis-like patterns producing meditative dream trip states. The yummy-ness of random co-creation.

And another look into the Home Improvement aisle at Captain Bob’s Psychedelic Home Store located in beautiful Venice Beach, California… by the sea!

"NE WP406" is a psychedelic, visionary abstract art work of great significance in the history of such things. Really. ©2014 Sacred Square Art and Design. The people who set your mind free.

The wallpaper at Prince Sarok’s Summer Palace. A high vibrational blend of the organic and non-organic. Trippy patterns and beautiful colors greet us in the alcove. There’s a weirdly Eastern Orthodox feel to this one to me. Of course, that might change with some mushrooms.

These are all worthy of blowing up bigger and checking out the details. There’s lots of cool forms, colors and mad stuff raging around in there.

As always, share your thoughts, share your love….

Yours in creating and sharing more love,

P.S. To my most cherished and wonderful Zengirl, all my love and thank you for being such an inspiration and a light.

And here’s a little bonus wallpaper…

"NE WP401" is some seriously abstract and triply ass psychedelic art  wallpaper from Sacred Square Art and Design. The home of such stuff. ©2014


2 thoughts on ““Sharing The New Love” Baba Ram Yum Yum shares the wisdom and the love. Abstract Psychedelic Art Wallpaper and Stray Thoughts.

  1. No Boredom here my friend. Just love.

    I’ve been lucky enough to be raised around the old and sometimes ‘invalid.’ (what a horrible title/sentence to place on someone) You find that there is so much to learn, that there is so much life in these people that have been set aside… I think love and smiles should be handed out to them more often.

    And speaking of hugs, it’s not just an idea – it’s been a movement for some time now: http://www.freehugscampaign.org/ Though it looks like things have died down since it’s beginning several years ago…

    Loving the bonus.

    Just loving.

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