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“The Deep Cold” Psychedelic Abstract Visionary Art for Dream Trippers. Minus 15 Degrees of Sanity in the Garden of Eternal Happiness.

Yes, I know, temps in the negatives are probably quite common for many of my Northern latitude sisters and brothers. But, here in Chicago, it’s been awhile since the thermometer registered a straight up 15 below zero. And the wind chill was ridiculous. But snow had fallen the day before and I couldn’t resist the desire to go grab some pics and see what would happen in the Little Goddess Co-Creative Randomness Labs. So I did.

It never ceases toy amaze me what comes out of these things. Psychedelic, peyote fueled otherworldly visions. Some times of a tribal feel and nature, sometimes the influences feel more Hindu or African and sometimes it just feels more fantasy based, like the land of elves and faeries. Colors and lines mutating into symbols, faces, totems and sometimes what appears to be hieroglyphs. As I dive in and blow them up larger, more is revealed. I often wish I could make them bigger here for all of you, but I think I’m at the limit size-wise.

So here’s the latest from The Garden of Eternal Happiness as it lays cloaked in “The Deep Cold” of the Winter World…

Here’s “Cathedral”…

'NE Cathedral 1" is a psychedelic. abstract and visionary meditation art work from Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Like an elven brooch or the mystical doorway to a great cathedral of sacred space. Love the colors and textures that emerged, not to mention that beautiful green and gold center area. Tripping in the land of The Fairy Romantic on this one.

And here’s “The Ever Frost”…

"NE The Ever Frost" is a visionary, abstract and psychedelic art work based on a photograph from here in The Garden of Eternal Happiness. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.


Oooohhh.. just something about the colors in this one. The grey greens and blues. A beautiful repeating pattern. “I come from the land of the ice and snow….” indeed. Time for some Zeppelin on the box!

And here’s “Crystallion”…

"NE Crystallion" is a psychedelic abstract and quite visionary art work from those mad, elusive visionary dopes over at Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013


Intricate lines and shapes coming together in a very “tribal” kind of central axis. This is an interesting one to click on and blow as big as possible. Lots of cool things and textures happening here.

And lastly for today… “The North Gate”…

"NE The North Gate" is a psychedelic meditation and abstract visionary art work by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013


That center area of black and white just blew me away when it appeared. Loving the stone like textures and that steel blue color is delicious to me. This one may get framed. It feels almost shamanic in a way, like that center is a mask of some kind. Trippy, as the kids say.

As always your comments, thoughts, opinions and mad raving diatribes are truly treasured and loved. So share yourself.

Yours in the pursuit of nothing whatsoever other than peace, love and understanding…

P.S. To my treasured and adored Zengirl… I love you.



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