The Winter Sun: Dream Catchers, Totems and Mandalas in The Garden of Eternal Happiness. Abstract Psychedelic Meditation Art for Dream Trippers and Frost Faeries.

Cold. Very cold actually. And the snow fell last night. Not heavy, but enough. Feathery light crystalline flakes coating the world of The Garden of Eternal Happiness covering it like a blanket. I awoke early to a bright winter sun, it’s light catching the millions of unique crystal patterns and shimmering and sparkling. So I did what any self respecting artist would do… I grabbed the camera and took a quick jaunt through the Garden to a few spots that caught my eye.

These are the results. Trippy and varied. Some are dense with details of form, shape and color, some are less dense in the details. All have a meditative, contemplative quality to me and all of them are reflective of the cold beauty I saw this morning. Some are infused with a Tolkien-like feel; elves and faeries at play. Magic and mysticism. There’s a tribal quality to some.  Dream catchers. Totems. Mandalas. All share one thing; the gorgeous, silent glow of the winter sun and the never ending fascination of co-creating with randomness and the Little Goddess.

So let’s just get to the visual cortex stimulation, shall we?

Here’s “Totem 1: Winter”



"NE Dream Catcher 1: Winter" is a psychedelic abstract visionary art work from Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013


Very face-like. Totemic. An elvish prince? A tribal warrior? Lots of things float through my head when I view these. I love the way the colors surfaced. Burnt orange-reds against pale lilac-blues. There’s a lot of details and intricacies in this one. Go ahead, click on it. Blow it up big. Click on it again and dive in.

Let’s move on to “Dream Catcher 1: Winter”

"NE Dream Catcher 1: Winter" is an abstract psychedelic meditation art work from Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Luminous. An intricate web. This one is a wonderful piece for just sitting back, staring into the center and losing yourself in it.

And here’s another, “Dream Catcher 2: Winter”

"NE Dream Catcher 2: Winter" is a psychedelic abstract visionary art work from The Garden of Eternall Happiness via random co-creation between The Little Goddess and the goofs here at Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Brighter and quite possibly, more dense and intricate. Luminous blue-purples collide and dance with glowing red-oranges around that mandala like center. Symbols and figures emerge along the axises of co-creative randomness.

And lastly, “Mandala 1: Winter”.

"NE Mandala 1: Winter" is a visionary, or at least somewhat visionary abstract psychedelic meditation art work by Sacred Square Art and Design. 2013


A golden energy center amidst a sea of soft, luminous blue. A somewhat bloated Celtic cross in a way. Perfect as an aide to meditation and rich with a calming energy. Go ahead, the meditation soup is ready to be served up.

As it has always been, and it will always be, it is our greatest pleasure and reward to hear from you. Your thoughts and opinions are treasured. So share what you got.

Have a most peaceful and loving New Years…

P.S. To my most beloved and treasured Zengirl… all my love. Yours. Always and only.



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