“The Winter World: Faeries of The Frost” Abstract Psychedelic Art and Image for Dream Tripping on the Winter Solstice. Snow comes to The Garden of Eternal Happiness.

Ah, the Winter World. Snow has fallen on The Garden of Eternal Happiness as it is that time of year here in the Northern latitudes. Baba Ram Yum Yum, Fu Wang and Wolf Girl are quite enjoying themselves in the white fluffy stuff although I must admit to being less than thrilled at the onset of cold and the chore of snow moving. But, there is always a certain beauty to the Winter World. Especially after that first good snow of at least 4-5 inches. The bare branches of the trees are coated and the world becomes quite. It really is a beautiful thing, a gorgeous time. A time of reflection as the Winter Solstice approaches. The great wheel turning, the seasons changing. Here in the north, it is the time of the deep sleep for the plant world.

I confess that as I snapped off a couple of pics the other day, I doubted if I would get any results of interest when I ran them through the randomness generator. Silly, silly man. I should know by now that the Little Goddess never disappoints, And she certainly didn’t with these. My fears of a lack of color, of a lack of revelation of the hidden world proved to be quite unfounded. As is so always the case, especially when it comes to Mammy Nature, things got rather trippy and beautiful in that deliciously psychedelic way.

Some cool colors and and some very interesting stuff appearing along the axises in the way of shapes, faces, symbols and such. But hey, have a look for yourself. These blow up quite nicely to reveal some beautiful intricacies and elements. So click ’em and click ’em again and soak up the vibe.

"NE WINTER AT1B" is a psychedelic and abstract art work and image for meditation or just improving the look of those bare, white walls. 2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

I really love the composition on this one along with those colors and shapes in the center. The grey-greens are quite beautiful to me and that center looks like a brooch for the Frost Faerie.

Next up from the land of cold…

"NE WINTERICE 1C" is a psychedelic abstract and visionary art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design for The Frost Faerie Festival here in the Garden of Eternal Delight" ©2013


Mmmm… delicious blues and purples. This is the cover art for the official invitation to the Frost Faerie Festival, or so I’ve been told. Some very cool intricacies and textures.

And our last visual for this group…

"NE WINTERMBT 1C" is an abstract psychedelic and visionary art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013


Packed full of interesting shapes, colors and oddities along the axises. I love the complex intricacies of this one and the range of colors from those icy blues to the oranges and reds. Quite beautiful and very meditative when you blow it up big and fill your screen.

Your thoughts, opinions and comments are most welcomed and cherished, so share them if you’ve got ’em…

Yours in exploring the unseen world…

P.S. Don’t worry darling, I’ll never ask you to experience the Northern winters again…


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