“Ridin’ Down the Highway of Desire”: Abstract Psychedelic Motorcycle Metamorphosis. Classic American Chopper meets Psychedelic Art Fun. Art for Two Wheeled Seekers on the Road to Xanadu.

“There goes Ezy, Ezy Rider…
ridin’ down the highway of desire.
He says the free wind takes him higher…
trying to find his heaven above, but he’s dying to be loved.”

Ah, Jimi. Ezy Rider. Yes, Ezy, not Easy. One of my favorite Hendrix songs. From “Cry of Love” the most complete of the posthumous albums released in the early 1970s. Well, I’m most likely not done with messin’ about in the co-creative realm with muscle cars, but my dear and true friend, Sanchez, pined longingly for some two wheeled psychedelic abstraction which sent me careening down this path.

‘Chez is a very avid rider and is rearranging his life, re-prioritizing things, in order to take part in the world famous and completely insane Dakar Rally. The Dakar is an ultimate, if not the ultimate, test of human and machine. I’ll drop a link for those interested in finding out more about this madness at the end of the post. But imagine endless dunes for days and days and you’ll be on the right track.

In order to do the Dakar, one must be in really, really good physical shape and mentally be very, very driven and tough as nails. Then there’s the fact that one needs a good 75 to 100 thousand dollars to be able to really do the thing right with back up crew, spare parts and all that sort of behind-the-scene type of thing. I think he’s crazy, but I’m encouraging him to go for it because, well, because it’s what he needs to do. It’s a dream worth chasing and quite frankly, the man needs to chase it.

The motorcycle that is the basis for these mad abstractions of randomness is not a Dakar Rally bike. Nope. It’s a classic American chopper. Perhaps THE classic American chopper. The “Captain America” bike from Easy Rider. Peter Fonda’s fine ride and an icon of hippie “fuck the establishment” attitude and style. And, as it turns out, a pretty good source for trippy visual psychedelic abstraction.

So let’s get to the visuals…

"NE EASYENG 2B" is a psychedelic and abstract visionary art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. It's also an icon of hippie cool and "fuck the establishment" attitude and style and thusly, is an honored and treasured American counter culture icon. ©2013


A counter culture icon turned into a shamanistic visual courtesy of the Little Goddess. Along with that Super Bee logo tattoo, the Little Goddess has a warm and fuzzy place in her heart for this fine ride. And for Peter Fonda too.  Lots of chakra colors appearing, but it is dominated by that blue and purple. No surprise really as this ride is certainly a statement about who you are, your voice manifested in a physical way and also, what you may be searching for. Communion with the divine via two wheeled meditation and a long road trip.

“In a cloud of angel dust I think I see me a freak….”  Another take on this classic….

"NE EASYBIKE 1B" is a truly psychedelic and abstract art work and image developed through the co-creative random process by Sacred Square Art and Design in full cooperation with The Little Goddess. ©2013

Oooooo… love those bright DMT colors on this one. More of the bike and a quite totem like look. Very eye-like center area and more of the subdued purple and blue. But those electric colors are what sets it all off to me.

Here’s that link to the Dakar Rally site…

I’m thinking I’ll check into some Dakar pics and see what happens with those…

As always is the case here at The Square, your input, thoughts and general stray cranial ideas are most welcomed and treasured. In the meantime, go on a road trip. Even one that takes place only in your mind. Would it be any less real if that was the case? We should all have our Dakar…

Yours in dreaming…

P.S. To my beloved and cherished Zengirl…. as always, my gratitude and love for all that you bring this man.








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