“Heavy Metal Thunder”: Abstract Psychedelic Muscle Car Art for Speed Gurus and Motor Heads. Get your motor running and head out on the highway.

Ah yes, Steppenwolf and the ever classic “Born To Be Wild”. That scene in Easy Rider when it all kicks in still makes me feel like “Fuck it, sell everything, buy something fast and go find it.” Whatever “it” may be.

No surprise I went exploring in the land of Hemi Angels and Speed Demons after that last post. Nope. And the results are quite cool to my eyes. Spirit and meditation via massive horsepower? Why not? Color healing and chakra balancing to four barrel fun? Certainly possible. No one ever said that growth and expansion need take place in the rapturous solitude of a monastery or the quiet space of a Zen mountain retreat. It’s what we tend to think, but I believe it happens anywhere you’re engaged in the present. And a muscle car, or any fast thing, can be pretty damn engaging. No, I won’t be changing the blog’s name to Sacred Chevy any time soon, but I am digging where the randomness is heading. The Little Goddess digs that shit, too. Little known fact about Mammy’s favorite; she’s got a Super Bee logo tattoo. Yep, she does. Where you ask? Not for me to say. The Little Goddess always displays an elegant sense of modesty even when raising all sorts of hell.

So let’s see what happens when we jam some big engines through the skinny pipe of co-creative randomness. Trippy, cool psychedelic fun.

“…yeah, gotta go make it happen, take the world in a love embrace. Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space…”

"NE 454SS 1C" is a psychedelic abstract art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

A sacred Chevy indeed! 454 SS Chevelle motor turned into some kind of futuristic energy reactor courtesy of the Little Goddess. Wonderful colors and I love that eye-like center. Click on it, click it again and make it big and soak up some serious horse power meditation on this one.

“I like smoke and lightning, heavy metal thunder… racing with the wind and the feeling that I’m under…”

"NE BOSS429 1B" is a psychedelic abstract work of extraordinary vision and genius by those wild ass idiots at Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

The path of true enlightenment for any Dearborn loving gear head…. The Boss 429 motor featuring an almost tribal feeling center to warm those lower chakras. The Little Goddess actually squealed when she saw this one.

“With your motor running, head out on the highway… looking for adventure or whatever comes our way…”

"NE 71CHALLENGER 1A" is a major shift in consciousness embodied in deeply meditative hemi dreams and one fine work of social significance and psychedelic abstract art and image. Brought forth in a warm glaze of chrome by those inspired madmen and complete jackasses at Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

1971 Mopar Muscle in the form of a Challenger was the starting point for this experiment.  Groove that crown chakra to this one and feed the need. The need for speed that is. Yummy, chrome soaked love. “Damn it Margie! I’m selling the Prius and we’re going to consecrate our mad love in some classic steel!” “Oh crap Henry…. have you been reading that silly blog again?”

As always your thoughts, comments and wild ideas are welcomed, cherished and totally appreciated out here on the perimeter… so share your love.

Yours in the appreciation of serious fun,

P.S. To the ever delicious and metaphysically nutritious Zengirl, I long for a ride on the sun kissed roads with you…


2 thoughts on ““Heavy Metal Thunder”: Abstract Psychedelic Muscle Car Art for Speed Gurus and Motor Heads. Get your motor running and head out on the highway.

  1. Ah, If I could only find some serious two wheel power with the same inspiration to share…
    – just not the same as staring down a cavern of chrome, steel and iron.
    Leave it to you to show us some powerful imagery in new ways.

    …Racin’ with the wind.

    • Thank you my friend, for the kind words. And I may have a little something for you two wheel types coming up. But you are quite right in that there’s really nothing quite like looking into the engine compartment of some serious Detroit muscle car.

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