Preview image for "Chakra Dream Quilt" is an abstract psychedelic and visionary art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design and is reproduced as an authentic replica of Madame Chambreaux's original which has been lost in the mists of history and bullshit. ©2013

“Madame Chambreaux’s Chakra Colored Dream Quilt” Abstract Psychedelic and Visionary Art for Dream Trippers and Meditation Buddhas. Serious Fun in the land of spiritual hijinks.

Ah, sweet Madame Chambreaux. French aristocrat, socialite and mystic, she entertained the royalty and celebrity of early 20th century English and French society at the Chateau Spirit for many a year. And this dear reader, is an actual and totally accurate reproduction of the fabled Chakra Dream Quilt she herself slept under when she wished to realign her inner matrix and gain closer communion with the divine while smashed to the nines on absinthe and opium. Oh yes, every word the truth and historically verified by that scion of misbehavior and spiritual questing Duke Daffonius Duck.

Ah, what would the quest for enlightenment be without some seriously silly fun? Boring as being unenlightened I imagine. I mean really, what’s the point of living in the truth and the light if you’re not having any real fun and some good laughs along the way? Taking oneself too seriously or taking even the Goddess too seriously is really not what the Divine She had in mind. Reverence has it’s time and it’s place and so does silliness in the desire to live a more spiritually fulfilling life. Laughter and joyful play are key ingredients to connecting with, as Bob Brezny calls it, The Divine Wow. Not laughter at the expense of others, although we all can be a bit guilty of that, especially when it comes to the very uptight, but laughter at the humorous sides of ourselves and our little foibles. And besides, are not the very uptight the people who most need a laugh, something to interrupt their uptightness? Methinks it’s true, and our mission is to bring more love, laughter and joy into the world.

Now, let’s check out this authentic replica….


Shimmering with energy and mystical significance, the original was said to have been produced under a veil of Illuminati-like secrecy at the fabled Yin Chow Fabric Works in Shanghai during the middle of the 19th century.  It has been rumored to have been created originally for a high ranking Mason named Everett Longfellow for his personal collection of esoteric wonders. There are also rumors of it being styled after an original design worn by Cleopatra. How Madame came to be the owner of the quilt remains, like Madame herself, a mystery…

Here’s a close up of one of the panels…


Mmmm… deeply intense and vibrant. You can almost feel the ancient mystical wisdom dripping off it. Originally said to have been created from the last remaining remnants of spools of a rare velveteen satin produced by Xing Dao, the master weaver of the Chou Ling Dynasty, it’s true lineage and creation are the things of legend.

As to how I came to the knowledge to recreate this lost marvel, let me just say that Fu Wang, the Shih Tzu had much to do with that. I will say no more, lest the little Shih Tzu’s sense of self importance will grow even more large and incorrigible.

As always, your thoughts, repressed memories and general outbursts are welcomed and cherished here at the Square…

I remain, yours in complete reverent lunacy,

P.S. To Zengirl…. 🙂


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