Preview image for "NE WP31" is a psychedelic abstract visionary wallpaper art work and shower curtain design by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Experiments in Home Decor, Part 2: Psychedelic Abstract Wallpaper Art for Dream Trippers, or “Madge! I love what you’ve done to the place, that shower curtain is to die for.”

Another round of playing about in the field of random possibilities. And pray tell,what did that yield? More trippy, dreamy and certainly psychoactive substance enhancing visuals, lol. More wallpaper ideas for home improvement or perhaps just a print to offset that Monet in the living room?

Anyway you go, it’s visual cortex stimulation time again… so let’s roll the dice of divine co-creative randomness and share a spot of mushroom tea with the Little Goddess…

Shower curtain #1….


Mmmm… ancient feel, like stone, well that’s how it strikes me, lol…. your results and impressions may vary…

Shower curtain #2….


Need something a little more geometric, yet that still makes a statement about your inner search for truth and beauty? “Where did you get that shower curtain Everett?” “Oh, I picked that up on a trip to my subconscious last weekend.” Also good for contemplating the social ramifications of “I, Robot” by The Alan Parsons Project while stoned to the bejesus….

Shower curtain #3…


Something more Eastern in feel. Give them the impression you’ve read all the classics of Eastern philosophy and thought or that you still listen to “In-A-Goda-Da-Vida” while cleaning the house…

Shower curtain #4…


A richer, darker and more subdued bathing experience awaits you when you purchase the “Chandu Dreams” shower curtain and towel set from Subconscious Shower. Go ahead light up some candles, crack open a bottle of the two-buck Chuck, become aware of your breathing and dream the dreams of an Egyptian goddess or sing along to those Dionne Warwick hits that are such a guilty pleasure…

Shower Curtain #5….


In need of some masculine energy and confidence without resorting to those shady and tawdry advertisements? Or perhaps you just wish to live out those Mayan Princess fantasies that have been appearing in your dream life? Oh yeah, you know the ones…. either way this should work for you….

As always, your thoughts, comments and opinions are welcomed and treated with the kind of respect they surely don’t get at the day gig….

Yours in redesigning the bathroom…

P.S. I love you Zengirl….


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