Preview image for "NE WP23" is a psychedelic and abstract art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Experiments in Home Decor: Psychedelic Abstract Wallpaper Art for Dream Trippers.

Need a little something, something to spruce up that wall in the dining room? Can’t seem to find what you’re looking for in the big box home improvement stores? Does the guest bathroom need a make over? Ah yes, they never seem to have what I’m looking for, lol.

A little visual experimenting with the man made again. This time I decided to play with it as repeating patterns, ala wallpaper. and while I don’t think I’d cover an entire room in this stuff (too much visual stimulation), I think I’d be good with a wall of it in the meditation or altar room.

The play with the man made is yielding some trippy results. Some interesting geometry, some stuff comes out fairly “design-ish” and some stuff just comes out psychedelically strange. But enough words…

let’s get to hanging some wallpaper, shall we?


Glowing illuminated weirdness. Some interesting stuff going on. Some kind of cultural, historical, archaeological feel. Perfect for the study, don’t you think?

Let’s try this in the guest bedroom…


Hmmm… they might have used this already at the Mayan Space Center, lol…

Something a bit more sedate for the sitting room…


Flaming masks of Isis! Blue Egyptians! Or just some goodness for those number 5 and 6 chakras…

Something bold  for over the sofa… set a tone, show your guests you don’t fear the Style Police…


Big energy vibrations and low and high chakras cookin’ on the big wood fired grill…

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Yours on disrupting the ordinary,

P.S. Much gratitude and thanks to my treasure and my teacher, Zengirl,,, I love you.


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