Preview image for "NE AC 2B" is an abstract psychedelic and visionary art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. Made just for you. Honest. ©2013

Playing in the Sacred Sandbox of The Everyday: Abstract, Psychedelic Visionary Art for Dream Trippers. Exploring Man Made Objects and Randomness with The Little Goddess.

Been off playing again. The pull to create always seems to outweigh the pull to do whatever else it is that I’m supposed to be doing, lol. This can be both a boon and a burden, as I tend to put off even important things when the creative juice is flowing.

And it’s been flowing of late, I’ve really felt the desire to experiment further in subject matter in my continuing exploration of randomness and synchronicity. And this has lead me to include many more man made objects in the work. Some of these are totally constructed from the man made, or, perhaps as the Dadaists called them “ready mades”. Yes, I actually do have a high level art school education, lol… terrible that I’m wasting it on this sort of thing now, isn’t it? Ah, such is the way of a creative life,

The works in this post are of the totally man made. They are quite trippy and certainly psychedelic in the same way that most of this work in randomness turns out to be. And it really is a random thing. The end result is still not something I ever know before I actually arrive there. In that sense it reminds me of raku pottery, which I happen to love.  Even the best laid plans and glaze formulations of a master potter can go completely astray during the raku process. What comes out is the divine. The hand of the Goddess, or God, or Great Creator or whatever you may wish to call the undefinable energy that is at play in the creative process. I think that’s one of the big reasons I love pottery, especially raku and wood firings. You just aren’t sure what the end result will be. Like these works. Sometimes it just floors me and usually from a photograph I don’t expect to yield that kind of visual intensity or complexity. And that is what makes it so damn compelling to me from a creative standpoint. There’s enough of it out of my hands to create that kid on Christmas morning kind of excitement.

But enough of that jibberish, time to get to those visual cortex tingling images….


Kinda like a spinal cord thing in a way. Chakra colors and that deep black void. I smile when I see those two red hearts in the center. Nice vibrational things with this one.

Next up on the Dream Tripper Express…


Who knew the kitchen tiles could bee so cool? Love the hues in this one. Especially that center north south axis. Lets light up those higher chakras, shall we?

More ready mades…


Freakin’ light sabers! Or some kind of magical Lord Of The Necklaces type of sword, lol. Deliciously intense and quite the “design” kind of image. Loving on those luminous blues and deep oranges.

And lastly, something in my old grade school’s colors and quite geometric and design-ish, lol…


Bright and intense. This one just vibrates with or without the mushrooms, lol.

As always, unlike most of the world, we really do want to hear what you think…. so share yourself…

Yours in playing around and having fun,

P/S. To my beloved Zengirl… I can only say I’ll do my best to ensure the sun is returnedd to its rightful and true place… 🙂


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