Preview image for "FLW Soft 10B" is a visionaary ccandy coloredd chakra healing psychedelic abstract art work and image from Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

“Blurred”: Soft Visions on the Edge of Conciousness. Abstract Visionary Art for Meditation and Tickling Your Chakras. Visual Trance Induction Therapy or In Through The Out Door with the Little Goddess.

Something different this time. The result of a happy accident. A random event turning into something else. A bit of an “Aha!” moment. And it’s those moments that fuel the drive, the need to create. Pursuing the juice of creative play down whatever corridor happens to open. In through the out door, indeed.

These are interesting in a very different way. Click on these a couple times and blow them up. Let yourself relax and breathe deeply. Just fall into the color. It’s a very meditative experience and quite the relaxing thing. Your brain slows down on these. The axises still contain various symbols and totems and such, but the blurring effect tends to shut down the quantifying, seeking mind a bit and allow you to just sink into the work. At least that’s my experience.

I’ll most likely pursue some more experiments in this line of experimentation, but for now, here’s the first of this “Blurred” series….


Lots of pretty chakra colors. Like candy in a way.

And another…


More warm chakra colors for oiling up those wheels and getting things moving and aligned.

and another….


A little cooler in hue, that aqua blue center. The blurring removes much of the intricacy along the axises but gives back a different feel. Blow it up and sink in…

and another…


Soft like a fleece blanket for your chakras… Mmmm… cuddle up and have a spot of tea, won’t you? Well, that’s all for now my fellow Dream Trippers…

As always… your comments, thoughts and opinions are most treasured and welcome….. so share ’em if you got ’em.

Yours in bending reality…

P.S. all my love and thanks to my beloved Zengirl.


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