Preview image for "NE SL 1A" is a psychedelic visionary and abstract art work and image from Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

“Alien Ultrasounds”: Abstract Psychedelic Visionary Art for color therapy, chakra meditations or just feeling happy again. Messing about in the world of man made objects with randomness.

Ultrasounds are quite amazing. I’ve been fascinated with them since I saw my first one back in the late eighties. I grew more fascinated when I saw my son through the lens of an ultrasound a couple off years after that. They’ve only become more interesting as the images become clearer and more detailed.

These works reminded me of those early ultrasounds, but with a twist, hence, “Alien Ultrasounds”, lol. These are the result of another one of those “Aha!” moments sitting around observing some of the objects in my house. I won’t tell you what the objects were before The Little Goddess and I ran them through the process of co-creative randomness. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is the result and the fun and joy of creative play.

The colors are wonderfully playful and the results remind me, in some cases, of paintings by children, And that’s cool to me. They aren’t as involved or complex in intricacy as much of my work in these areas are. I find the color and shapes in these to lend themselves easily to chakra meditations and just feel better color therapy. Go ahead and click on them and click them again. Make them fill your screen and see if you agree.

Let’s get to the visuals, shall we?


Bright, gooey color and flowing blobs of shape. Like candy. And there’s even a “cross hair” like in the early ultrasounds I remember seeing. Trippy and liquid. Dive in, the waters fine.

Let’s go a little further into our “alien” babies…


Hmmm… somewhat reminiscent of the flower works. Love the deep reds and blues with that pink central area. A little more going on along the north and south axis in this one, but still quite gooey and candy like in flavor, shape and color. Perhaps a more developed alien love child?

And here’s another “baby”…


Oh my! Deep red hues with tastes and dabs of orange, pink and yellow. If you’re doing some work on that root chakra, this might be a good one to use as a focusing point for meditation. Get ol’ Muladhara open and flowing with this one.

And lastly….


Ooooo… those purple blues against that yellow green. Very cellular. Cells getting ready to divide and multiply. This one makes a very nice focusing piece for sinking into a warm meditation bath.

Here’s a link to some info on chakras from the Chopra Center…

As always feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and insights…

Yours in creative play and the pursuit of fun…


P.S. To my beloved Zengirl… all my heart and gratitude for all that you give so freely to this man and this world.


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