Preview image for "FLW 1A Metallic" is a psychedelic abstract visionary artwork inspired by Frank Lloyd Weight's stained glass windows. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design

Frank Lloyd Wright meets the Shamans of the New Love over a bowl of Magic Cornflakes. Abstract Visionary Art from The Garden of Eternal Happiness. Stained Glass Windows for Dream Trippers.

Ah, yes, Frank Lloyd Wright. I’m quite the fan of much of his work. The stained glass windows that I’ve had the privilege of seeing are so very beautiful. Gorgeous design. And I’m lucky as I live here in Chicago so there is quite a bit of his work around and about.

Oddly enough, I think my favorites though are elsewhere. Fallingwater is the masterwork for me, as it is for many. An extraordinary fusion of architecture and place. The concrete/cement houses in L.A. have always fascinated me though I have yet to see them in person. Soon.

So it’s really no surprise that when I began combining the man made elements with the natural world of the Garden of Eternal Happiness, that something Wright-ish would begin to appear. I have a love for Modernism in design, especially architecture and furniture. I have some scraps lying about the Garden. This recent bout of photographing has lead to some very trippy and dare I say, visionary, new things.

A fusion of New Love psychedelica and angular, Wtightonian form. and when those two worlds collide, well there’s some really beautiful imagery that emerges in the randomness.

So let’s get to the dream tripping visuals, shall we? And by the way, I’m not sure if Frank indulged in any psychedelic substances, but I wouldn’t discount the possibility…

And off we go…


Now that would be a hellacious stained glass window, wouldn’t it? Geometry and randomness thrown together in the stew pot of the Little Goddess. That center is overloaded with faces, symbols, shapes and all sorts of metaphysical madness. Go ahead and click on this one a couple times and sink into the intricacies.

and ever onward we go…


Quite Wright. Lol. Intricacies amid the randomness. Totem figures, shapes, symbols. Ahhh… dream tripping indeed. I think I’ll have a bowl of those cornflakes Mr. Shaman.

And we go further on up the road to Taliesin….


Bloody Well Wright. Sorry, I was never a fan of the band, but I couldn’t resist. That energy center and those lines… ooooo… and that green rectangle with the red square in the blue triangular shape? Totally Wright. Totally random.

and one more for this post…


That center is so very stained glass like. and those chakra color rectangles have that feel about them also to me. More dream trip visuals.

As is always the case, your comments and thoughts are welcomed and appreciated by the small but devoted staff here at the Square.

yours in upsetting the applecart of conformity to bad think,

P.S. I love you Zengirl.


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