Preview image for "Iron 4B" is a visionary, abstract psychedelic art ork and image dedicated to the city of Sukkur, in Pakistan. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

To Pakistan, with Love: Dream Tripping on the Metaphysical High Road to Sukkur. Abstract Psychedelic Visionary Art from the Garden Of Eternal Happiness.

Yes, Pakistan. Lots, and lots of love to Pakistan. As with the previous post that threw some love down on Morocco, this is in response to the extraordinary (for me), number of views that have come from Pakistan over the last three weeks. More views than the U.S. A lot more.

Now perhaps it’s a lone internet surfer flowing across the great digital waves, but I think there may be more than a few folks involved. It’s nice to think, as an artist, that your work is enjoyed by people. That it matters to them. I don’t create because of that, or even in search of that, but it is a nice by product of the drive I feel to create this work.

So here’s some new work from recent explorations in The Garden of Eternal Happiness. All very different, yet all involving both the natural and the man made aspects of the Garden. and yes, all have that delicious psychedelic thing to them along with what I feel is an underlying spiritual mysticism. And dare I say, “visionary” visuals… 🙂

Let’s get to the divine trippy stuff, shall we?


Love that beautiful aqua blue hue that dominates this one. Moire pattern in a way. And the intricacies of the center and along the axises are quite divine, especially that glowing area along the top and bottom. there’s a softness to this one that I really like.

And some more love…


Something completely different. Flat panels of color. Almost Klee like in a way. Again, the hues are glowing peyote dream beautiful. Magic mushrooms kicking in at sunset. A little native tribal type of feel also. At least to my eyes.

And one more Love Bomb for our viewers in Pakistan…


Oh my… there is a lot happening here. Metallic flavors, rainbow energy fields, dimensionality and that high energy in the center. Symbols, faces, totem figures… all that delicious randomness appearing along the axises.

As always, wherever you are, please feel free to share your thoughts, mad ravings and emotionally volatile feelings with us. Thee staff here at The Square loves to spend cool Northern evenings enjoying your musings.

Yours in rearranging the furniture…

P.S. My thanks and gratitude to the woman I love muchly and who has inspired so much of this work… Zengirl.


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