To Morocco, With Love: Dream Tripping on the Marrakech Excess. More Psychedelic, Abstract Visionary Art from the Garden of Eternal Happiness.

Yes, Morocco. With lots of love. And yes, C,S&N spelled it wrong, lol. Or at least that’s what the font of all digital knowledge, Wikipedia says. Dream tripping in the Garden again. Mammy Nature mixing with the man-made in heavenly randomness and New Love integration. Producing intensely intricate results I could get in no other way than by surrendering to the co-creative guidance of flow. And when I’m doing this work, I’m flowing. It is effortless and the hours slide by without any notice. And I love that feeling. That’s the juice for me. The 220 current. Plug in. Turn on. Create.

So why Morocco? Well, from time to time I like to check the stats here on the WordPress, especially after heavy (for me) traffic days. I like to know how people find The Square. I find some of the search terms intriguing, some rather obvious and some just downright strange. You see I don’t get a lot of internal WordPress visitors. And that’s perfectly okay. I don’t really want to play the “like me, I’ll like you” follower game. It doesn’t mean anything. The purpose of this site is not to be falsely popular or to drive commerce. It’s just a way of letting me push work out into the world. A little incentive to make stuff and instead of just filling my hard drive, perhaps turn somebody of similar tastes on to something. Or, even better, reach someone who normally wouldn’t consider stuff like this.

So as to why Morocco, well I noticed a large number of views coming from said country. Not over several days, but rather intense for a day or two. Same with Argentina, Pakistan, Vietnam and Spain. More views than from the U.S. And I thought to myself, “Self, that’s pretty cool.” Now I imagine it as one or two people finding the site from a Google image search and exploring it completely, or in particular areas they find attractive. So that’s why I’m sending some love to Morocco. I’ll send some love to other places soon too, but Morocco was the first I noticed, so they get the nod on this one, lol. Thank you, whoever you are.

Now, to the damn trippy, psychedelic, dare I say, “visionary” visuals…

"Pots 1A" is a visionary abstract psychedelic artwork and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

The bright, trippy and Hindu-flavored colors on display with some cool geometrical components. That center is an intense thing and the axises are really crammed with visual gooey goodness. This is certainly one to blow up big (click on it and click it again) and just enjoy the intricacies of symbols, hieroglyphs, faces, totem figures and what ever the heck you see. I also really dig how the leaves frame the border.

And here’s another take on the theme….

"Pots 1C" is a psychedelic visionary abstract artwork and image from Sacred Square Art and Design, Morocco Division. ©2013 All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

Oh hell yeah… “Martha, I think that stuff Judy gave us is making me see things… what was that shit?” This one comes across as very Hindu influenced to me. The colors, the “gods” and center diamond area. I love that black center focusing point. Delicious in a very meditative, pull up a chair and lets get to dreaming way. Great intricacies and stuff along the axises as the outer becomes the inner and vice versa. I really dig that soft green color speckled with blues. This would make for a really cool rug.

As always, your comments, thoughts, opinions and critiques are welcomed and treasured.

Yours in subverting the mundane and status quo…

P.S. To my beloved and cherished Zengirl… thank you. For all the many gifts you bring this man.


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