Preview image for "Bricks 11A" is a visionary, psychedelic abstract artwork and image by Sacred Square Visionary Art and Psychedelic Design. Celebrating the madness of the co-creative process since before you were born. Well, maybe. ©2013

“Another Brick In The Wall, Part 4” More Abstract Visionary Art with Common Objects. The Sacred Nature of the Everyday.

More bricks. More interesting transformations along the co-creative highway. The more I play in this area of common man-made objects and things, the more I come to realize that everything has a sacred energy to it, if we wish to experience it. It also brings me more into focus with creating a more sacred or revered way of living in the day to day. For me that really begins with making the time to have ritual and reverence in my life. To create more space for the sacred, for meditation, for chanting, for some conscious relaxation, for creating a more fulfilling life.

I’m blessed to have a busy life. That’s not always how I’ve thought of it. Many times I’ve not seen the blessings of my life. I’ve bitched and whined about it being too busy, too full, thinking I was burdened with so much to do, consider, decide, etc… I’m making a shift in that thinking, or at the least, attempting to become more aware of when I’m thinking like that. And that’s the first step in any endeavor; awareness.

The pull to create art, in the manner in which I am, co-creating with randomness, has been an unexpected turn of events. The work has had a transformational effect on me. As these pieces evolve themselves through the process, they continually surprise me and fuel the desire to continue exploring. So that’s what I do.

This journey I’m on has no destination other than continued exploration. And that, in and of itself, is a most welcome change from the ordinary, goal oriented, results driven nature of much of my life. So while, to many eyes, these may be just bricks, to me they are part of the doorway to a richer, more creative and ultimately more rewarding life.

But enough writing, let’s get into the visionary visuals, lol… the trippy stuff.

"Bricks 11A" is a visionary, psychedelic abstract artwork and image by Sacred Square Visionary Art and Psychedelic Design. Celebrating the madness of the co-creative process since before you were born. Well, maybe. ©2013

Oh yeah… “Don’t worry, I’ll catch the Third Eye Express and be home before the green beans get cold, honey!” It’s that center that just glows with the look of ole Ajna, the sixth Chakra. Although hue wise, it’s probably more a throat chakra blue. But dig those molten red oranges. Lower chakra, higher chakra, ain’t but a thang! Rock your vibratory nature or just give your dentist something for his next root canal victim to ponder while the pain killer takes effect.

The wall keeps getting bigger….

"Bricks 10B" is a psychedelic abstract visionary artwork and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. Perfect for meditation or general spacing out. ©2013

Now we’re talking Ajna blue… Deep indigo. And I’m loving the golden accents on that stone texture. Heavy, weighty, older than the stars ancient feel. The energy flowing out the sides. Expanding. Very good meditation piece. Focus on that center and let yourself go. Click on it a couple times and make it as big as you can. Go ahead, do it.

And another variation for your viewing pleasure…

"Bricks 11D" is an abstract psychedelic and visionary artwork requiring special glasses to see all the visionary possibilities in it. Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

“Organicus! Summon forth the Time Stone!” It just looks like something from some mad sci-fi film. Energy filled center and all that luscious, deep, rich color. Hard to believe it came from an ordinary, everyday brick. The Little Goddess never disappoints.

As is always the case, your comments, thoughts and opinions on the work are always appreciated and treasured. Baba Ram Yum Yum loves to have his belly rubbed while I read him your insightful or completely insane commentary.

Yours in visual insubordination…

P.S. To my beloved Zengirl, all my thanks and love for all your support and encouragement. You so rock, baby.


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