Preview image for "The Great Maple 1B" is a visionary abstract and psychedelic artwork and image from Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

“The Great Maple”: Abstract Visionary Art for getting closer to Nature and Spirit. The Little Goddess welcomes you and offers you a lollipop.

The Great Maple. Well, it’s not that it’s THE Great Maple, but rather that it is my Great Maple. Older than me by decades, it was large when I first arrived here at all of six years old. It sits in the front yard of my boyhood home, which is now, also, my adult home. It has seen much of me, watched me grow, watched me play and seen the same for my son, now a young man of 22. Yes, for me, it is the Great Maple.

Full of wisdom and enchantment, this tree spreads it’s long limbs across the autumn sky. It’s magnificent to me. A home for a perennial squirrel family that nestle in it’s bows through cold Midwest winters. It’s textures are ancient in feel. It’s thick with history and life. I’ve played in, raked and laid in it’s leaves. They turn a beautiful amber golden yellow before they fall. And this tree reminds me of my own mortality and of my own agelessness. One day, this great tree will wither and pass, as I will wither and pass. But through it’s endless cycles of birth, death and rebirth, it remains eternal to me. Never ending. Reminding me each day of the majesty of nature and the natural world. I’ve hugged it and it hugs me back.

These works are certainly a wee bit trippy and I confess that I’ve shared a few communal trippy moments with this tree. I’ve hugged it and leaned up against it on many a psychedelic fueled excursion. I really do love this tree.

Here’s some looks at the Great Maple…

"The Great Maple 1B" is a visionary abstract and psychedelic artwork and image from Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

The beautiful, woven intricacies forming on the axises. This is, as all these are, best clicked on and viewed as large as you can make it. Lots of rewards in these for those who enjoy serious visual cortex and color stimulation. A lot like the work from the “Dreamcatchers” post, except with a much wider color spectrum.

And another look…

"The Great Maple 2B" is a psychedelic abstract and visionary artwork and image from Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

I do so love co-creativity! The Little Goddess certainly poured out the delicate and the intricate on this one. Gorgeous colors, lines and shapes. And the stuff appearing along the axises is truly extraordinary. My hat goes off to her. Click it once, then click it again and soak yourself in the rich detail. The soul and spirit of The Great Maple.

Here’s a look at the bark of this beautiful tree…

"The Bark of The Great Maple 1C" is a psychedelic abstract and visionary artwork and image from the co-creative union of the Little Goddess and Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Oooooo… that silvery grey blue and those royal purples. Bark is extraordinary and rich with detail and spirit when given over to the process. A secret world. Ancient. Spiritual. The soul of the Great Maple is here.

As always is the case, we’d love to hear what you think. Actually, we’d love to read what you think. Please, don’t call us. Baba Ram is not a fan of phones and Wolf Girl finds the whole concept rather silly. Fu Wang, the Magic Shih Tzu, on the other hand, is completely fascinated by the possibilities of life with a smart phone. Go figure. Oh, and btw… the Little Goddess wants to play and is offering really tasty cherry and grape lollipops to any playmates she encounters.

Yours in re-imagining the observable…

P.S. Zengirl! You so rock.


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