Preview image for "Wild Flower 1A" is a visionary, psychedelic abstract art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013.

“Fall in the Garden of Eternal Happiness”: Abstract Visionary Art. Mammy Nature spins the Great Wheel of Change and the man made meets the metaphysical natural world.

Autumn. Fall. One of my favorite times of the year. Mammy Nature turning the Great Wheel, transforming the Northern latitudes. The green world slowly giving away to the brown and then white worlds. But it does go out in an amazing blaze of color. Astonishing color really. Watching a Japanese maple turn that unbelievable shade of red-pink. Glowing, on fire. A color field so intense in it’s moments before sleep, before the cold, long nights of the Winter World. And winter has it’s own beauty. And even though, as I have gotten older I find myself less of an enthusiast for the cold and deep snow, I still recognize it’s primal beauty. It’s necessity.

But that time is still long weeks away. Now is the Fall’s turn to shine, to show off like no other season. And here, in the Garden of Eternal Happiness, Fall is in full swing, with leaves falling and colors changing. Inspirational really. And so it was that I took the camera out and snapped some pictures to try and capture the moment. Mixing the man-made objects with nature as is the habit here in this garden. Just quickly taking pictures and then playing in my process with the Little Goddess.

The results are both visionary and psychedelic. Unveiled through the process of creative play. And they are the result of random co-creation with Mammy and her favorite artist, the Little Goddess. The Ever-Child that lives in all of us. The one filled with laughter and wonder. The one who finds every day a miracle.

So here is a sampling of Fall in the Garden of Eternal Happiness… enjoy…

"Leaves on Porch 1A" is a visionary psychedelic abstract artwork and image of the season of Fall by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Leaves scattered on the deck and somehow taking on the feel and color of a Hindu spiritual painting. That beautiful center and the yellow and greens… deliciously warm and ready for a meditative dip. Bring a good read and go for a metaphysical soak…

Another look at some leaves….

"Leaves on the Sidewalk 1B" is a psychedelic abstract visionary artwork and image from Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Mmmm… darker, mandala like in it’s shape and forms. High chakra hues of green, blues and purples. A softness and a wonderful texture when you blow it up big.

And some purple cone flower waiting to spread it’s seeds…

"Purple Cone Flower Fall 1B" is an abstract visionary and psychedelic artwork and image by Sacred Square Art and Design in conjunction with Little Goddess Enterprises a division of Mammy Nature LLC. Tes, Mammy has a limited liability corporation. ç2013

Mmmm… I love those soft, soft electric colors. Especially the way the cone flower heads set up against them in that silvery blue hue. All the chakra colors present and accounted for in this one. And there’s quite the interesting symbols and shapes along the axises.

A common plant of unknown name, what many would call a weed, but what here in the Garden, we lovingly call a wild flower…

"Wild Flower 1A" is a visionary, psychedelic abstract art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013.

Beautifully intricate and spiritually alive. I highly recommend clicking on this one and making it as big as you can and delving into the intricate beauty. So many, many things going on here in this one. Love that center area.

And one more take on the wild flower…

"Wild Flower Fall 2A" is a psychedelic abstract visionary art work and image from the co-creative union of the Little Goddess and the artist. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

Very much the mandala. Spiritual symbols in the center area and those orange and pink fibers on the axis. Another one that will reward you for blowing it up large and falling into it’s mysteries.

As always, your comments, opinions, thoughts, ideas, etc… are most treasured and welcomed here at the Square.

Yours in enchanting the visual cortex, lol…

P.S. All my love and gratitude to the woman who fuels me, teaches me, heals me and loves me… My Zengirl.


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