Preview image for "Psychedelic I Ching Hexagram 24, Fu" is a psychedelic and meditation I Ching artwork and image based on hexagram 24 of the I Ching, or Book of Changes. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

The Psychedelic I Ching: Hexagram 24, Fu. Thoughts and opinions on meaning and intention. Art and Play on the Road to Insight.

Another hexagram from the I Ching, or Book of Changes. Created from slices taken from previous psychedelic works of mine and brought to life through a random construction of hexagrams I did a few weeks back. I put some combinations of yin (short lines, feminine energy) and yang (long lines, masculine energy) together without knowing which hexagrams I was creating until I looked them up later. Seemed like the thing to do.

I really like the way they came out, the way they feel. The random slices of art give each line and each portion of the lines an individual feel. A uniqueness that feels right. All of the decks of I Ching cards I’ve seen, including the Inner Child deck I made earlier in the year, show the lines in a solid color, mostly black. The background is what is different. This style feels better to me with the different colors and textures of the lines set against the infinite filed of black. Perhaps I’ll create a deck of psychedelic I Ching cards using this method. Then again, that’s a lot of work, lol, so maybe not.

The hexagram I created this time is hexagram #24, Fu which signifies a turning point. I’ll write to what I think that means, or more accurately, what that makes me think after the art. My disclaimer is that I am not an expert by any means in the I Ching. I’ve been turned onto it by my beloved soul mate, Zengirl during this last year. I’m just scratching the surface of using this tool as a way of considering situations and events. And that is one of the beauties of the I Ching; you can just begin by drawing a card or casting a hexagram using the three coin method. It’s pretty easy. You don’t need a card deck with the coin method. You can center or calm yourself, consider your situation and formulate a question. Cast the coins and get access to the wisdom of the I Ching. There’s lots of information on line as to how and plenty of sites that offer interpretations of the hexagrams. There’s even apps for phones and sites online that allow you to cast your hexagram that way. I’ll drop a few links on you at the end of this post.

For now, just take in the rather mystical and beguiling beauty that is the psychedelic I Ching and hexagram #24, Fu…

"Psychedelic I Ching Hexagram 24, Fu" is a psychedelic and meditation I Ching artwork and image based on hexagram 24 of the I Ching, or Book of Changes. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

I Ching hexagrams are created by combining two trigrams (3 lines) to form a six line hexagram. The eight trigrams can form 64 different hexagrams. Hexagram 24, Fu, is formed from the trigrams of Earth and Thunder. Earth is the top three lines and Thunder the bottom three.

Hexagran 24 signifies a “turning point” and to me that means a shift. It can be a subtle shift or a more obvious shift. But it’s a shift either way. It’s a hexagram that to me, lets me know that things have changed, and changed for the better. It doesn’t mean that riches, love and success are going to come pouring down on me this moment, but rather that things are heading in the right direction. It’s a signal to maintain doing what I’m doing, to keep on keeping on. To proceed and advance with whatever I’m working on in my life.

It can also signal a change in direction, a breakthrough in an area of challenge. It tells me my course is correct in regards to whatever I was questioning. It tells me that if things are going well in a particular area, I should not tinker with it. Just allow it to progress on its own. Reaching a turning point can be a wonderful thing, it can be a reassuring thing that what I am doing is working and that the fruits of my labor will come forth.

It’s also a signal that new things may well be on the horizon. That I’ve crossed the rubicon, so to speak. That the future is brighter than I may think. That’s what drawing this hexagram signals to me.

For those that are looking for more traditional, and perhaps informed, interpretations, I offer these links to both a concise interpretation and the more expansive Wilhelm interpretation of hexagram 24… and as always I encourage you to explore the I Ching as it is a fascinating work for understanding and negotiating the challenges and situations of our lives…

Concise interpretation of I Ching hexagram 24, Fu…

Wilhelm interpretation of I Ching hexagram 24, Fu…

Wikipedia I Ching entry…

As always your thoughts, opinions, insights and critiques are welcomed and appreciated by the small, but devoted staff here at The Square, so please, by all means, share yourself…

Yours in subversively subverting the ordinary,

P.S. all my love and gratitude for the light that is my Zengirl…


3 thoughts on “The Psychedelic I Ching: Hexagram 24, Fu. Thoughts and opinions on meaning and intention. Art and Play on the Road to Insight.

    • Why thank you. That’s very nice to say. Your work looks fascinating and I need to go and spend some time exploring your stuff today. I’m quite the fan of pop cultural restructuring.

  1. Pop cultural reconstructing 😯. First time I’ve heard the term. Sounds like a buzz word I could borrow. Ha ha. Growing up I was taught about I Ching by mum’s BF. He was a total master.

    I’ll be finally sharing some thoughts, been away from blogging 💡. Love your work.

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