“Block Heads” Abstract Visionary Art from Common Objects. The Seemingly Mundane Strikes A Metaphysical Pose.

Exceedingly common objects. Your garden variety masonry blocks found at your typical home improvement store. I’ve got a pile of them sitting around and well, since I’ve embarked on this recent exploration of man made objects as source material, these blocks seemed perfect to run through the randomness of my process and see what came out.

What came out was, as it usually is, quite surprising to me. Vivid colors and interesting things appearing along the axises of the work. Hieroglyphs, faces, totem figures, the usual suspects so to speak, lol. And I find that quite interesting really. Its kind of like through this process and exploration of adding as much randomness as I can to the co-creative process, I’ve discovered something I’ve known all along; art is everywhere. Art is in everything. It’s up to us to help bring it out.

It also points to the idea that the sacred is indeed in everything for that is also what this work and exploration shows me. I’m only a part of the creation. There’s more at work than just me in these. Far more. They seem to create themselves most of the time. Things appear, colors appear and shift revealing different aspects of the same thing. What comes out of these experiments and explorations makes me consider the sacred in all things. It tends to make me more conscious, more aware and more mindful.

I’ve recently opted to use the term “visionary” art in my descriptions instead of the more commonly used “psychedelic” art. At least for a bit. I don’t feel particularly visionary, lol and I do find the term a wee bit pretentious. actually. But I also recognize that that is what many call or refer to this type of art work as and also, I realize that psychedelic tends to have a drug connotation that many find unpalatable. Too bad. Personally I’ve never found psychedelics unpalatable at all.

But enough of that, time for some visual cortex and mind stimulation…

"Blocks 1A" is a visionary psychedelic abstract art work for meditation and color therapy by Sacred Square Art and Design.©2013

Mmm… fires up those lower chakras, heh? Also good for that throat and third eye chakra work. I find that clicking on these and blowing them up big and just staring into that center induces a nice meditative state. Of course, it also works as modern abstract art to spruce up your doctor’s office.

And here’s another take…

"Blocks 3A" is a psychedelic visionary abstract art work for color healing, chakra meditation and recreational drug use by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

A different feel, different color frequency. Crown chakra purples against that ancient feel of stone. This one feels very old to me. Alien artifacts? Lost civilizations? Maybe….

and one more for the road…

"Blocks 2B" is a psychedelic and abstract visionary art work and image for meditation, chakra healing and general good times by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Something completely different from the first two. Mad colors and forms and shapes. A more intricate and decidedly less “blocky” composition appeared in this one. And I dig that strange otherworldly tribal face in the darkness near the center.

As always, your thoughts, opinions and comments are what keeps this thing alive. Well, not really, but I thought I might inspire you, lol.

Yours in subverting the typical into something more…


P.S. To my baby, the extraordinary Zengirl… all my love.


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