“Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2” More Abstract Visionary Art with Common Objects. The Sacred Nature of the Everyday.

The everyday is quite a sacred experience. If we allow it to be. If we focus ourselves on being mindful, of living in a mindful way. I’m beginning to think it really comes down to the idea, expressed in so many “spiritual” books and works of being aware of the present moment. That it is really that simple and that so damn hard, lol. And it can be quite hard to focus on exactly what you’re doing right now. Of devoting your full awareness to exactly and only that.

Don’t know about you, but my mind wants to race. wants to run ahead. The list of things to do, yeah, that list. The never ending list of activities and things I can’t forget to do loves to insert itself, to intrude on my mindfulness. The future, even more so than the past, for me, has a way of getting in the way of being aware, fully aware of what it is I’m doing right this moment.

Which is one of the reasons I’m drawn to art. Making stuff has a way of putting me in the moment. It makes me quite mindful of what’s happening in the now. Not the five minutes or two days from now, but the right now. And I’m trying to get myself to spend more time in that space. Not necessarily creating art, but perhaps more accurately, creative living. Mindful of what I’m doing when I’m doing it. Because there’s a deep sense of enjoyment when I can do that. No matter how trifling the thing I may be doing seems, there is an opportunity to make it more fulfilling and becoming aware of what I’m doing, wholly and passionately aware of the task is the key to that enjoyment. The key to fulfillment.

I think these recent rounds of experiments with inanimate and common objects is perhaps the Goddesses way of pointing that out to me. A reminder that the sacred, the essence of spirit, of wholeness and oneness with all things is everywhere. That the seemingly mundane is rife with opportunity for sacredness and a devotion to the creative life I try to live.

But now, lets move to the trippy, psychedelic visuals... the spiritual life of bricks so to speak…

"Bricks 6A" is a psychedelic visionary and abstract art work by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Hmmm… most uncommon, lol. I love the way the brick and stone transforms under the process. That’s quite an amazing mandala like center area. Filled with totem figures and faces. Symbols and hieroglyphs. I was quite happily surprised the way the light pink-ish tan triangle areas appeared. Kind of like mother of pearl in a way. An ancient feel to this one and many of these works.

And another…

"Bricks 7D" is a spiritual, visionary abstract psychedelic art work for meditation and chakra work from Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

A different feel. Those electric blues really pop off the stone textures. Eternity at the center. This one really works well as a focusing visual for meditation work. Again, that ancient feel, the hieroglyphic and totem aspects along the axises.

And last, but certainly not least for this group…

"Bricks 9A" is a psychedelic visionary art work and image that's great for meditation and other equally fun interior pursuits or as a way to spruce up and add a little something to an otherwise drab white wall. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

This one really got me. Just something about the way the lines came together to give it that feeling of energy expanding out from the center. That eye like center. Lots of interesting color shifts along with some really cool ancient feeling stone textures.

As always, your thoughts, opinions, critiques and feelings are not only treasured but thoroughly enjoyed by Baba Ram Yum Yum, Fu Wang and wolf Girl here at The Square. So please, share yourself.

Yours in a more mindful way of approaching this amazing life,

P.S. To my teacher, my muse and the love of my life, Zengirl… Thank you for all that you bring to us.



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