“The Little Goddess” Abstract Visionary Art for Meditation, Communing with Spirit and Healing Your Mojo.

And sometimes your mojo does need some healing, Sometimes you just need to sit yourself down and in the words of Dr. John, The Nightripper, “give myself a good talking to this time.” Indeed. And sometimes you just need to relax, let go of all of the concerns, the worries and the stresses of the day to day and just allow yourself to breathe. Yep. Breathe. It can be just that simple.

As the yogis say, it really is all about the breathing. Becoming conscious of it. Becoming aware of it. Of taking the time to really breathe. Deep, full, slow draws on that lovely, life sustaining atmosphere. Hold it for a moment… feel it…. then slowly, with purpose, with intent let it out. Give it back. The trees and the plants will do the rest. Breathing in what you exhale and recycling it back into the atmosphere as oxygen. What a simple amazing symbiotic relationship we have with this third stone from the sun.

New work. New directions in some ways. New explorations at the least. It began with bricks and a Buddha. Now its found its way to another piece of the Garden Of Eternal Happiness. And what we have here, fresh from the co-creative art labs is The Little Goddess herself. The divine feminine at play in the world. The muse. The feather. The softness and the truth. Eternal and yet always changing, evolving…. always ready to play and create. The healer.

She is the spirit that calls me. Beckons me to be more. To play and infuse myself with love and happiness. To come along on flights of fancy, to dance in the light and warmth of imagination, to be a boy again, running through summer fields, making snow angels. She is my eternal playmate. She is light and she is shadow. She is Sun and she is Moon. She is the first star of the evening and the last star of the morning. She is what weaves dreams and leaves them for me to find. She is the question and she is so often the answer. She is pure and she is true and she watches over me. She always has.

So, these are some glimpses of that muse, that light and shadow that dances in the mad joy of play and co-creation.

"The Little Goddess 1A" is a visionary and psychedelic art work for meditation and other fun interior pursuits. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

A dreamy, trippy sort of thing, eh? Click on it and blow it up large and  just stare into that center. This one came out an interesting blend of the natural and man made. Organic, with a twist.

Another take on the Little Goddess…

"The Little Goddess 2A" is a psychedelic, abstract visionary art work by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Now this one harkens back to the last Buddhas in the Garden works in terms of tonality. Not as dark in the purples and blues as the Buddha works, but there is that intensely intricate and beautiful center in this one. A beautiful brooch. Enchanting and magical to me.

And last, but certainly not least, the shadow side, the subconscious side. Or, as Zengirl observed, the lunar side of The Little Goddess…

"The Little Goddess 3D" is a visionary psychedelic art work and image for meditation, color therapy or just getting your mind right. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

The deep way. The evening coming. The time of dreams. And what does the Little Goddess dream of herself? That, I’m afraid, will remain a mystery for it is beyond the scope of understanding for this mere man. Those deep, royal blues, dark, intensely rich purples. Very much the meditation piece. A good one to blow up big and allow yourself to sink in. Let your intuitive nature flow.

As it always is, your comments, thoughts, opinions matter. At least here. So please, feel free to share them.

Yours in subversively undermining needless conformity…

P.S. To my beloved Zengirl, thank you for your thoughts and insights on these.


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