Preview image for "Bricks 2C" is a psychedelic abstract art work and image for meditation or other interior pursuits, ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

“Another Brick In The Wall” Abstract Psychedelic Art for Meditation Pinkies and Floydian Yoga Heads..

I confess, as epic as “The Wall” is for many, many a fan of Pink Floyd, it was never that for me. Too damn depressing really. No, I loved “Wish You Were Here” and “Dark Side of the Moon” and I enjoyed “Animals”. And while those albums could also be termed “depressing” in ways, “The Wall” was just too much. Too heavy. At least for me and where I was at at the time of it’s release. But what I think of the Floyd is really of little consequence except to open this post. No, this round of dream trippy color therapy was based off of a photograph of common bricks I took recently.

I wasn’t expecting much when it came to interesting metaphysical goo appearing along the axises of co-creation, but that’s usually when I am the most delighted. The pic of the bricks was an afterthought, but as it turns out, probably my favorite finished pieces from that round of clicking and snapping.

And that is really what surrendering to the co-creative possibilities does. It always, or at least 98% of the time, creates a delightful surprise. By not controlling every aspect of the work, by giving over to randomness, to god, or, in my case, the Goddess, I open a door for something else, a new energy to appear and play. And it always seems to want to play.

My beloved and treasured Zengirl, in a recent post on her ever fascinating, insightful and really well written blog, The Voice That Guides, dispensed this wonderful interpretation on what art is; “Important is not a word for art. Art is a child playing freely and madly with God.” And while yes, I am deeply in love with the woman, I have to say that is a beautifully accurate description of what it’s like to make creative art. And frankly, the more I give myself over to that energy, the more I allow for randomness and co-creativity, the less I control, the happier and more free I am. And the more I enjoy the results. When I get out of the way, when I sublimate the “ego” of me, I leave a space where the energy enters and plays. I’m just along for the ride and having fun.

But enough philosophy, eh? Let’s get to that psychedelically abstract trippyness!

Here’s a few takes on bricks….

"Bricks 2C" is a psychedelic abstract art work and image for meditation or other interior pursuits, ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

Right out of a Floyd light show. Deep purples, blues and blacks with those delicious aqua and pink-ish tones accenting. There’s a nice textural thing happening, too. Monolithic. Totemic. Fun. Click on it and click on it again. Make it big and just focus on that center and begin the breathing exercise outlined in chapter 4…

And another take…

"Bricks 2A" is an abstract psychedelic art work for meditation and yoga freaks by Sacred Square Art and Design.©2013.

Dig that geometric center with the purples, moving outward to the blues. Looks ancestral to me, perhaps alien artifacts found on the lost island of Manikunana? Then again, maybe not. Again, blow it up big as it looks very cool that way.

And one more take from this…

"Bricks 1A" is a psychedelic abstract art work and meditation image for those who enjoy psychedelic, trippy visual art. Depending on your choice of couch colors, it can also serve as a wonderful wall accent in your home prompting your guests and friends to comment and nod approvingly at your knowledge and depth of understanding of art and culture. They will. Honest. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

A different photo and a different result. Hotter in the color range. Orange, yellow and reds dominating with those perfectly perfect black areas offsetting and breaking apart the whole thing. A little bit O’Keefe, a little bit Native. Totem structures and interesting things happening in the center. Go ahead, blow it up and fall in. Dream symbol magic.

Your thoughts and insights along with your preconceived notions and opinions are not brushed to the side here at the Square. Share yourself! We love that stuff. Even if it’s to say, “what the hell is this? and why do you think this is art?” Fu Wang, the Magic Shih Tzu Shaman loves to sit on Pappy’s lap and read the comments. He finds great merriment in this simple task.

Yours in subversively subverting…

P.S. Yes, I love Zengirl like butter loves warm toast, but really, that gal can write her way out of several paper bags.


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