Preview image for "Shaman of The New Love 4" an abstract psychedelic art work and image for meditation, color therapy and dream enhancement. Or, maybe you just need a splash of color on those white walls. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Psychedelic Design

“Shaman of The New Love 4” Abstract Psychedelic Art for color therapy, meditation or just spicing up the place. Liquid color dream enhancement.

Free your ass, and your mind will follow. Or, as Baba Ram Yum Yum would say, “Dance little sister, dance.” And yes, Baba is a great fan of the Rolling Stones and tends to binge on various albums from time to time. Right now, he’s on an “it’s Only Rock n Roll” phase. Last month it was “Let It Bleed”. But I digress.

I sing the body psychedelic to paraphrase Mr. Bradbury. Very totem like. An almost organic-machine feel to this one. Certainly foreground/background stuff at work. Hot colors to soothe those spinning chakras and give you something to dream about. Shamanic figures and a heaping helping of The New Love.

But, lets get to the juicy colors and random generated shapes courtesy of Mammy Nature and her favorite assistant, The Little Goddess.

Here’s “Shaman of The New Love #4″… groove on it. Stare at it. Click on it and blow it up big, then click again and make it bigger. Let that delicious color fill the gaps and seal the cracks… free your ass indeed!

"Shaman of The New Love 4" is an abstract psychedelic art work for cultivating an inner harmony and peacefulness you just can't get watchjing another episode of Gray's anatomy. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

Hot, liquid love infused orchids framing an electric dream tripping shaman totem figure. Go figure? Strange apparitions emerging from the warm soup of co-creative play and randomness.  Joyful howling in the garden as Fu Wang, Wolf Girl and Baba Ram Yum Yum do the bear dance under the full moon. Trans-reality dream tripping while sorting out the silverware. Bathe yourself in a mad bath of color. Turn up your visual acuity and dig the sensory and spiritual vibrations occurring along the long axis of your energy field. Go ask Alice. On second thought, skip that, and go find Daffy who has run off in search of Jim Bob’s lizard spirit somewhere out in the peyote desert. If you do manage to commune with the Duck, let him know there’s no hard feelings and that he is loved and missed here at the Square, but that we all understand his need to get all “Lost Weekend” on us and chase down his own strange dreams.

As always, whatever you think, feel or care to share, is always respected and enjoyed. We likey people.

Yours in disconnecting the the mundane,

P.S. Zengirl! That’s all I goota say… just Zengirl!


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