Preview image for Hexagram 19 Lin of the Psychedelic I Ching. An abstract and psychedelic art work based on the trigrams and hexagrams of the I Ching. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

The Psychedelic I Ching: Hexagram 19, Lin. Thoughts and opinions on meaning and intention. Art and Play on the Road to Insight.

Back to the I Ching! Recent currents of change have brought me back to the I Ching. First in an art-play, taking fragments and slices from the previous spray blast work and using it to form hexagrams, and then in a return to using the Book of Changes as a wisdom application or perhaps a tool for deeper insight and guidance.

The hexagram I’m exploring today, and trust me, I won’t do this everyday, but I will attempt to at least do 2-3 a week as I am enjoying both the art-play of creating and the mind stimulus of interpreting and considering the meaning of said hexagrams. That hexagram id #19, Lin. Realize that I am in no way an “expert” on the I Ching. No, far from it. I am scratching the surface very thinly and these writings are simply my thoughts and opinions on the meaning of the hexagrams.

I will however, provide links to more complete meanings and interpretations along with any other stuff, like a Wikipedia entry or some such “authoritative” voice for you to access and explore.

But for me, it’s always first and foremost, about the art. And in this case, I’m really liking the vibrancy of the results. Trippy color rich visuals, bars of light and consciousness altering color set against a deep, rich field of black. The infinite. The ever expanding Universe. The void. The empty bucket. Besides the visual juice of watching the colors pop off that black field, there’s the “feels right” nature of having the yin and yang lines, the answer, so to speak, set against the great field of infinite possibility. And that’s what the Universe is, what life itself is; a filed of possibilities. Infinite. Driven by an endless, or seemingly endless series of choices, most of them micro choices, with a few defining moments of choice thrown in. So this feels quite right.

And the psychedelic and mind art side of it is also a “feels right” kind of thing. Psychedelic substances alter your consciousness. They, in essence, change you. I believe for the better in 99 out of a 100 cases. I have no clinical research to substantiate that claim, but I do have a lot of field experience. Of course, psychedelic substances are not needed to affect this kind of consciousness change. You can find elevation of consciousness in many things both complex and simple. So for me the term “psychedelic” is not strictly a drug culture perspective, but rather a mode of consciousness one.

The art also serves as a doorway, perhaps as a meditation tool that allows for the mind to unhinge itself from the every day world. even for just a few brief moments. That’s the space where insights happen. The gap between the upfront, in your face reality and the intuitive, genius child mind. That’s where the magic occurs. Where you connect to something larger than yourself. Some call that “god”, or the “goddess”, or the “universe” or the “great gummi bear”… doesn’t matter what the name is you give it, it’s the energy of collective consciousness melded to a greater consciousness. In essence, a super consciousness where all the answers are, all the creative thought and play.

It is also the place of what I call the “New Love”. The big love, universal, unconditioned by society and culture. The love that does not see differences, but rather sameness, oneness. Humanness. That’s the New Love. Big. Always wanting to expand. We just have to be the vessels of it’s expansion. Have to allow it to flow through us, to light us up and turn us on like a billion lightning bugs (or fireflys) rising out of the tall grass on a midsummer night. Light us up and let us spread the energy. Light us up and let us share the love.

But for right now, there’s a hexagram to consider… I Ching Hexagram #19, Lin.

Hexagram 19 Lin of the Psychedelic I Ching. An abstract and psychedelic art work based on the trigrams and hexagrams of the I Ching. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

The yin (short) and yang (long) lines seem to me to have a very tactile feel about them. It’s like I could touch them and feel the little bumps and edges. Now as far as the hexagram itself, Lin is made up of the trigrams (3 lines) Earth over Lake. For those of you totally new to the I Ching, there are 8 trigrams that, in their various combinations form the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. But for now, we’re just looking at hexagram 19.

Lin stands for “Approach” and we can think of approach in a lot of various ways. But for me, right now, it’s about my approach to myself, to the current set of challenges and events that make up my life. How we approach something is really of greatest importance. For in approach we create intention. We approach things through our beliefs, through our perceptions, through our ingrained responses. And in some cases, that’s probably a good thing. You only put your hand on the hot stove once hopefully. But in many cases, those perceptions and ingrained patterns of thought and action, those preconceptions, well they keep us from experiencing a bigger world. They keep us from breakthroughs. They keep us from experiencing more. From being more.

Approach is critical. For in it lies intention. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned through this thing called living it’s that intention is powerful. Intention sets the tone. Some would say that intention sets the outcome. How we approach anything is a good gauge of what we will derive from the experience. So for me, drawing the 19th hexagram is cause for examining how I am approaching things. How am I looking at situations? Through what lens? What am I bringing to the experience? What am I looking to get from the experience? Am I taking the time to really understand the complexities and different viewpoints and realities that are present?

Lin causes me to examine how I am approaching a challenge. How I am thinking of it. It causes me to pause and to ponder. It offers a counsel of seeking the insight and wisdom of others to the problem. perhaps that insight will lead me to new possibilities, new ways of looking at what it is I am asking the I Ching for guidance on. And that is what I am doing when I consult the I Ching. I am not looking for hard and fast answers to yes or no questions. I am looking for a path to insight. I am looking for an approach to the challenge. I am looking for guidance and ideas, thoughts to consider.

For those of you looking for more traditional interpretations of hexagram #19, I offer up these links…

Wilhelm translation and interpretation of Lin, Hexagram #19

Concise interpretation of hexagram #19

Wikipedia entry for the I Ching, or Book of Changes

Enjoy and I encourage you to explore the I Ching as a wisdom tool and insight application. It offers a very unique perspective that I find is multi-layered in it’s usefulness.

As always, your insights, thoughts and opinions actually do matter to myself and the small staff here at The Square, so please share yourself and share the love.

I remain, dedicated to rearranging the furniture of my reality…

P.S. To the most extraordinary woman and soul I have encountered, my beloved Zengirl, all my thanks and gratitude for bringing the I Ching and all your other gifts into my life.


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