Preview image for "Shaman of the New Love 3" is an abstract psychedelic art work based on a photograph of an orchid. Really, no shit. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

“Shaman of the New Love 3” Abstract Psychedelic Art for aligning your chakras, healing your mojo or just spacing out on.

More shamans! Like the sound of a cowbell, one can never have enough shamans! especially those of the New Love variety. And what exactly oh deranged one, is the New Love variety? well in my mind the new love is the love that expands outward beyond your known boundaries. Out beyond family, friends, work associates and such. Out into the bigger world. Out into a larger reality. A richer and more universal love. A love for all things. A love that recognizes sameness and oneness and not differences. A unifying love. A love that emanates form our hearts and souls and recognizes that we all share this blue, green and tan marble. And we not only share it with other humans but all the things on it. And we need to know that and live like that actually matters in everything we do. Or at least give it a good shot on a daily basis.

That’s the New Love I’m talking about. And it’s not really new in any sense, nor is the idea of accepting each other, respecting each other and this world and all it’s creatures and things. Nope. Loving souls have been talking about that shit for centuries. Hell, I’m sure humans have been communicating that to one another since, well since we could communicate that to one another. We just tend to forget it from time to time and that tends to screw things up.

But the New Love is strong and it is always there. Ready to be accessed, ready to be used and set forth into the world. Simple acts of kindness generate it, feed it and cause it to grow. Gratitude is like rain for the New Love as is compassion and empathy. And the real power and beauty of the New Love is that the more you access it, the more you choose kindness, mindfulness and happiness over apathy and consumerism, the more healing and good you feel. And it spreads out from you, lighting the world. The New Love is the straight up shit my friend.

As for healing your mojo or aligning your chakras, well, it works for that stuff too. The New Love knows no boundaries and it can’t be held back. But it is a choice, like all things, so I encourage you, for the sake of your chakras and your mojo to drown yourself in it.

Now, let’s get to some visual stuff… Here’s “Shaman of The New Love 3”

"Shaman of the New Love 3" is an abstract psychedelic art work based on a photograph of an orchid. Really, no shit. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

Mmmm… more reds and that hot pink in this one, not to mention that green set into the black center. Unfolding flower of consciousness is what comes to mind although you may see something else. Love the electric green highlights against that deep blue.

Your opinions matter! Well, at least to me. While your family may not care much for your wild ideas and thoughts, we here at The Square love when you drop your digital diatribes on us! Baba Ram Yum Yum loves nothing more than having his Buddha belly rubbed while I read to him from the comments section. So please, share them if you got them.

Yours in rearranging the furniture…

P.S. To Zengirl… happy anniversary baby!


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