“Shaman of the New Love 2”: Abstract Psychedelic Art for Color Therapy, Meditation, or just sitting around your place grooving on a Sunday afternoon. Liquid color love infusion for tired minds.

Another one of these trippy, colorful things has emerged during some play in the house of random creation. Now about color therapy, or Chromotherapy as it is called. I’m not saying that staring at this will heal your spleen or your broken heart, but color is a powerful tool as are shape and line. But although there is no “scientific” proof that color therapy is anything more than new age nonsense or a “psuedo-science”, it is a fact that color can influence mood and emotion.

For me, well I’m a believer in color therapy, especially as an aid for meditation or chakra work. It also works well just as something pleasant to have on an otherwise white wall. And they seem to have an ability to lift my general spirit when I have them around me.

Here’s a link to Chromotherapy on Wikipedia, which, as we all know, is the final authority on all things…

This is another work based on a photograph of orchids from the Chicago Orchid Festival and sent through the carwash of my “process” of creativity. The result, as it usually is, tends to be psychedelic and trippy. Most perfect for long form hallucinations while surfing on the seas of magical mushrooms and the like. But even sans visual cortex hallucinatory stimulation, or drugs as the kids call them, this is just damn beautiful in it’s own right. Of course, that’s only my opinion…

Here’s “Shaman of the New Love 2″…

"Shaman of the New Love 2" is an abstract psychedelic art work and image for meditation, color therapy and chakra healing work by sacred Square Psychedelic Art and Design. ©2013

Liquid color indeed. Orange, pink, aqua, blue, yellow a hint of green here and there. A little Hindu influence to me, but I tend to see that a lot in these things. That center area is just gooey, color blast energy. Sit back, stare and let yourself drift off to the Land of the New Love. And what exactly is this New Love? It’s the place where we lose all our judgements and labels of people, places and things and just experience an overwhelming sense of warm love. It’s nirvana.

As is always the case, your thoughts, opinions, mad ramblings or any other thing on your mind, is treasured and welcomed by the small staff here at The Square. So share yourself and share the love.

Yours in separating the wheat from the chaff…

P.S. Zengirl has been rolling it out lately over at my favorite bar, The Voice That Guides. Stop in and check out her deliciously fun wordplay and life insights…



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