Preview image for "Sahashara: The Seventh Chakra" is an abstract psychedelic chakra art work for healing, color therapy and meditation by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

“To Infinity And Beyond!” Abstract Psychedelic Chakra Art for True Believers and Soul Seekers. Sahashara knows the way to San Jose and The Divine. The Seventh Chakra don’t need no GPS!

Sahashara, the seventh chakra. Purple in color, divine in nature. Sitting on the top of your ever loving head and ready, willing and able to receive and send the energy of love and connect with the great divine that is the universal consciousness. To infinity and beyond indeed. Sahashara is the big connection. It’s the portal, the doorway to all that we are and all that are we. It turns “ME” upside down and gets “WE”. The connection. The all one. The straight line to god, the goddess, the universe, the energy, the great gummi bear… whatever you wish to name it, call it or symbolize it in your head as, Sahashara is the last stop on the A Line.

Want to feel more connected to the world, to the universe? Work those chakras sweet pea! Work ’em till their hot. From Muldhara in the root to Sahashara on the top shelf…. get ’em going, get ’em balanced… heal ’em and feel ’em. And let the energy flow.

Sahashara is the doorway to our highest self. So polish up that key and turn the tumblers to the infinite. And when you’re not working those chakras with the magic of chanting, meditation and conscious awareness, tune in to a little Dionne Warwick and groove to impeccably produced, written and arranged 1960’s pop. Dig it like dirt.

For more information, insight and knowledge, here’s some links…

“Meditation As Medicine” by Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

“Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System” by Anodea Judith, Ph.D

Introduction To Chakras

Wikipedia entry (spelled differently)

For those in need of the color purple but not Oprah… here’s “Sahashara: The Seventh Chakra”…  and just for the record… I like Oprah.

"Sahashara: The Seventh Chakra" is an abstract psychedelic chakra art work for healing, color therapy and meditation by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Mmmm… yummy purple goodness from the deep hues to the lighter. Soak in the hot tub of purple power with or without the Diminutive One from Minneapolis. Your choice. Feel it. Heal it. Click on it and make it big. Then click it again and make it bigger. Allow yourself to chant softly “guru” and feel that energy starting to move and bubble up top. Rinse your soul in sweet divine connection to the All Is… then get out of that tub and do your happy dance.

Your thoughts, while shunned by others are welcome here! Imagine that. A place where Weird Think is actually celebrated and treasured! Share your insightful mind and the warm glow of your love. Share yourself and let others know they walk not alone…

Yours in creating possibility,

P.S. To my soul’s sweet mate, the ever enchanting woman of my dreams, Zengirl…. all I can say is I love you.


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