Preview image for "Ajna, The Sixth Chakra" is an abstract psychedelic art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

“No Static At All” Abstract Psychedelic Chakra Art for True Believers and Soul Seekers. The Third Eye Never Sleeps. Ajna’s got an eye on you!

Ajna, the sixth chakra, the third eye. Indigo in color. A deep blue metaphysical hot tub for the sacred inside you. No static at all, just like FM radio. Well, at least according to Steely Dan. And while I could wax poetic on The Dan and all their desolation hipster coolness and devilishly clever lyrical technique of place, name and thing dropping, I won’t. Well, maybe at the end.

This space belongs to the psychic owner of space and time, Ajna. Located between your eye brows, this eye never sleeps.  The sixth chakra is the sixth sense. Your spiritual sense. The psychic divine in you. The doorway to your intuitive understanding, the gateway to a larger and more complete sense of self and the universe. The connection to the big picture.

In his book “Meditation As Medicine”, Dr. Khalsa states that Ajna is “the center of discovery. that this chakra sees what the other two eyes cannot.” Physical manifestations of problems and imbalances with this chakra often show up in the form of mental illnesses, cognitive disorders, as well as problems with the eyes, pituitary, pineal and ears.

For those seeking more information on Ajna, the sixth chakra and all the chakras, here’s some links… and no, I don’t get paid to shill the books, lol.

“Meditation As Medicine” on Amazon

“Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System” on Amazon

Wikipedia entry for Ajna…

General Chakra information…

And for those of you looking for a deep, blue dream to fall into… Here’s “Ajna: The Sixth Chakra”…

"Ajna: The Sixth Chakra" is an abstract psychedelic chakra healing and meditation art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

No static at all indeed! Click on the image. Click again. Make it big. Make it fill your screen. Just let yourself breathe and stare into it. Feel that third eye… vibrating. Opening. Don’t be scared. The power is in you. It has always been in you. Soak it in. Feel it. Heal it. Get yourself a real good dose of it. Color therapy. Now, go put on some Steely Dan and groove to that sound…

As always… your thoughts, insights, opinions… all that stuff floating around in your head… it’s welcomed and appreciated so go ahead… share the love, share yourself…

Yours in restructuring the reality…

P.S. To my beloved and most revered Zengirl… your heart and that soft soul heal me and show me a love I’ve never known… Thank you darling.


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