"Manipura: The Third Chakra" is an abstract psychedelic art work and image developed by using a photograph of a flower. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

“The Yellow Chakra of Texas” Abstract Psychedelic Art for True Believers and Soul Seekers. Manipuru loves to samba and digs good BBQ, too!

But who doesn’t love good BBQ? Or for that matter a chance to burn in some new heels doing a hot samba? While I’m sure some folks would say no to both those things, yours truly is certainly in for both. Manipura, the third chakra. Yellow in color orientation and located at your belly button window. Yes, I realize Manipura sounds like the name for a beautiful island resort and getaway, but in this case it’s all about personal identity, personal power and judgment. According to Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. in his wonderful book, “Meditation As Medicine” it’s also about the polarity expressed between fear and being. No surprise then that this chakra’s physical  connection is related to the stomach, intestines, adrenals, kidneys and the pancreas.

For those of you seeking advice and knowledge on this or any other chakra, I recommend Dr. Khalsa’s book along with “Wheels of Life” by Anodea Judith, Ph.D… here’s links to both on the big river, Amazon… and no, I don’t get paid to promote these things.

“Meditation As Medicine”

“Wheels of Life”

And here’s the Wikipedia on Manipura…

And for those looking for a little color therapy right here, right now…

I give you “The Yellow Chakra of Texas”, the ever beautiful Manipura…

"Manipura: The Third Chakra" is an abstract psychedelic art work and image developed from a photograph of flowers. ©2013 Sacred Square art and Design.

Mmmm… yellow is the color of the third chakra. Blow it up big and just focus your thoughts on your belly button and softly chant “Wah Hey” and feel that warm groove and feeling of peaceful security envelope you like a good sauce on hot baby back ribs… sorry to all the vegans… imagine butter on broccoli…. or, if this image doesn’t work for you stare at a banana and then, well, eat it.

Your comments, thoughts, opinions and insights are always welcome… so share yourself and share the love.

Yours in disruption of the ordinary,

P.S. I’m in love with a girl who lives in a tree house and has the softest heart I’ve ever known…


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