More from The Orchid Festival: Psychedelic Abstract Flower Art for Good Vibrations and Color Healing Therapy. Let’s get our chakras stoned on orchids, shall we?

Color therapy. The therapeutic use of color to heal, balance or awaken. Hmmm… interesting thought. Color is indeed a very powerful thing. And it is also a highly subjective thing. Women are more sensitive to finer differences in color than men are. In fact, many, many males have some form of color blindness. It’s a much more common thing in guys than it is in gals. Not all that surprising when you think about some of the decor choices your guy friends have made is it?

Now about that subjectivity… what I see as pink, you may call purple. And that’s just the way it is. Humans who grow up and live in what may appear to our Western culture, color soaked retinas as very monotone environments, tend to develop even finer color perception. For instance, I once read something to the effect that Eskimos who live in the predominately white, snow covered landscapes of the far north have something like 60 plus words to describe the various tones and shadings of “white”. I think at best I have maybe five. Same holds true for people living in the South Seas where so much of their visual world is blue and green. They have hundreds of words to describe these colors.

But the real question is, can color really heal a person? While I don’t necessarily think that staring at a giant slab of hot red whatever will cause someone afflicted with some life threatening disease to suddenly leap up cured, I do think color has a profound impact on mood and general feeling. And that can have a profound impact on your health.

Color is a great tool for meditation. Focusing on a color field or a Rothko painting can help disconnect the chatterbox brain and allow for new feelings and associations to emerge. People who are sensitive, or have raised their sensitivity to such things, often say they “feel” a color in their bodies. Folks who do chakra work, concentrating on balancing their inner energies, will use color as a way to focus their thoughts and prayers on to a particular area of their bodies where that chakra is located. Just being surrounded by color can be calming or arousing, depending on the color in question. There are lots of studies and such suggesting we see certain colors as “calming” or even “trustworthy”. Personally I don’t trust that freaking blue as far as I can throw it, but hey, that’s just me.

The works here are color rich. Color soaked. Some are more centered on a particular color or a couple of colors. These psychedelic visuals are the result of my recent trip to the Chicago Orchid Fest and Hausermann’s Greenhouse. My dear friend Gerry has an extraordinary camera with an even more extraordinary and expensive lens, lol. He was kind enough to shoot lots of pictures of the amazing orchids and plant life we saw there. High resolution, giant megabyte pics that I then ran through the process I’ve developed. The results are these glorious color soaked, trippy visuals.

We I use the word psychedelic to describe my work, I realize that I may turn people who are not into psychoactive substances off. I’ve thought about it, but I really have not come up with anything better to call it. It is psychedelic in the sense of the mutation and morphing of shapes and the often riotous and intense splash of color that results from the creative process. I suppose I could call it “visionary” art, but that seems like a bag full of hot air to me. In the end what I call it really doesn’t matter. In the end, just the work matters. I suppose I could just call it abstract art. Hmmm? Oh well, enough of that… better to just fall into the delicious grooviness of gooey, luminous color bombs, don’t you think? So let’s get to the images…

Here’s “Heart Chakra Mandala”…

"Heart Chakra Mandala" is a psychedelic and color therapy art work and image for meditation and chakra healing. Or just for making you feel better in general about your life and choice of decorative home accents. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

That soft green in the center just sends me. This produces in me a very calming effect. Mandala like in it’s overall composition and heavily infused in those heart chakra greens, Whole Lotta Love in this one…

And here’s something similar in color, but much different in composition and substance… which raises a set of interesting questions. Here’s “Energy Freak”…

"Energy Freak" is a psychedelic and color therapy chakra healing art work and image for meditation and general delightfulness. Go ahead, enjoy it, dance a wiggly dance in front of it. ©2013 Sacred Square Psychedelic Art and Design Workshops.

A different feel, a different energy. This one picks me up… gives me a booster blast of energy. I want to dance and just wiggle in front of it chanting like some mad dervish or renegade yogi. Honest. I do.

Now here’s something riding a different wave… Here’s “Convergence: Breakfast at the Eternity Lounge”

"Convergence: Breakfast at the Eternity Lounge" is a psychedelic and meditation art work and image that's great for color therapy or as a backdrop for your garage band. Feel free to download and add your logo. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

And a very different feel from the previous works. The color is quite different too. The black dominates. The soft purples in the background help set off this very mandala like composition. Now some spiritual types don’t like a lot of black. Black, for better or worse, often gets associated with negative things. For me it is quite the opposite. Black is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. The divine place of creation. The source. But, that’s just how I look at it. Whatever you think or feel, it sure makes those pink, purple, multi colored orchids explode off the screen.

As it always is, my thanks and gratitude to the ever enchanting and loving Zengirl for all she does for me and to you, dear viewer for your comments and thoughts, ideas and insights or even scathing critiques. So if you feel it, drop us some digital debris… Baba Ram Yum Yum and Fu Wang would love some human interaction. Wolf Girl is busy with her own thing.

Yours in re-plastering the ceiling of our personal Sistine Chapels…



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