“The Phoenix Rises”: Psychedelic Healing Color Flower and Plant Art. Convergence and the Journey to All One.

These pieces, along with some conversation with my blessed partner and traveler/mate in this Well of Souls, Zengirl, sparked much in me. Very much the phoenix, reborn, re-imagined and rising. And in essence, that is what we are, all of us, phoenixes being reborn into each moment. An ongoing journey to self and wholeness, a continually evolving organism traveling through this material world.

The pics that these works are based on are from the orchid festival and my dear friend Gerry and his incredible camera and lens combo. That beast produces stunning high resolution photographs that make for deliciously gooey art when run through the Little Goddesses Co-Creative Creativity Engine.

So what about this Phoenix rising stuff? Well Zengirl and I have been talking about the idea and thought of how we all have these different aspects of ourselves that make up the totality of who we are, and how, many times we keep these aspects separate. Sometimes, when we are in big transition times, when we have been through the ringer of life, we can feel separated from our power. We’re emotionally worn out, worn down. The strengths we used to exhibit seem difficult, if not impossible to harness. Our confidence is on the mat, being counted out. At times like these we can feel shattered and displaced. The power selves we could count on to fill us with confidence and strength feel like they are far away and inaccessible. We often wonder “Where’s the boy who did that? Where’s the girl who accomplished that?” They seem to be in hiding.

Truth is they are there. They are always there. It’s our belief in our ability to access them that is in question. And as we all know, but perhaps don’t quite believe, belief is everything. Believe and you can achieve. Damn near anything. Because it all starts there. Starts with a belief that you are that which you wish to be. There’s a lot of truth and power to the thought, “fake it until you make it” or, “act as if you are.”

One way to think about it is to imagine the you you wish to be. And begin filling in the blanks. What would that you look like? What would they be wearing? What would the hairstyle be? The makeup? What cologne would they be wearing? How would they walk? What would they sound like when they asked a sales clerk a question? In short, visualize the you, you wish to be and carry that vision with you through your day. Confidence is a belief. And it is a state of mind. Visualization can go a long way to creating that state of mind.

So what does the you, you wish to be, look like? Are you a phoenix rising from the ashes? Of course you are. And you are the convergence of all those interior aspects, for without the consciousness of you behind them, they would not exist. It is you that creates them, that created them in the past and it is you that can bring that confident boy, that self assured girl back into the mix. You create the convergence, the all-one you that is strong, loving, compassionate and confident. Just act as if and acknowledge your power.

Here’s some deliciously gooey psychedelic phoenix goodness. A few variations on a photograph. This is not an orchid, but rather a bromeliad, which is another beautiful flower and high vibrational energy plant. Dive in, the warm gooey is enchanting and fine.

“Phoenix Rising 1”

Phoenix Rising 1" is a psychedelic and chakra color healing art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013 Based on a photograph of a bromeliad plant.

Hot red and deep blue. That delicious purple and those arrow heads. Another healing warm chakra bath. And as a bonus for all the tall people, I’ve just installed a very large tub. Enjoy.

Here’s “Phoenix Rising 2″…

"Phoenix Rising 2" is a psychedelic and chakra color healing art work and image based on a photograph of a bromeliad plant flower. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

The high chakra purple and blues take center stage this time as the phoenix rises and reveals itself. Enjoy your rising.

As it always is… the staff here at the Square loves to indulge themselves in your comments, thoughts, insights and opinions… so please, share them if you have them.

Yours in restructuring reality,

P.S. To my most cherished and beloved Zengirl… thank you so much for all that you do and give this man. You heal, teach and bring me so very much baby. I remain so gratefully yours.


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