Hot Love Infusion: Liquid Color Chakra Bombs for Healing, Balancing and Opening your energy centers. Psychedelic Good Vibrations Flower Art with Orchids. Enjoy with a warm cup of Meditation or Take 2 and call me in the morning.

Nothing like a steamy cup of honey sweetened meditation before bedtime. Ultra yummy. And couple that with some deliciously trippy and chakra boosting visuals and you have a night far better spent than burning your retinas out watching some damn thing on the tele-computer device of your choice. Oh yeah… this stuff is pure liquid color chakra detonation.

Vibrant and psychedelic. And when I speak of psychedelic, I’m not necessarily referring to a drug enhanced experience. More like the nature of the abstraction the visuals end up being upon being sent through the co-creative energy engine. So for those of you who worry about such things, fear not!

Hot Love Infusion? Color Therapy? Oh hell yes it is! Color is a huge therapy agent. Especially when combined with focusing your thoughts on your energy centers. Your chakras. Color is an exceptional tool for aiding meditations of all types, but especially effective in healing, balancing, opening and pretty much anything else you’d like to do with your chakras. Color is emotional. Color is like an air force of B-1 bombers dropping love bombs on your psyche. It cam also be used for negative purposes. But that’s not the game we play, or the dice we roll here at The Square.

This shit’s about feeling better. Feeling balanced. Feeling freaking joyful and happy from the inside out. Because as Baba Ram Yum Yum has stated to Ganja Joe on numerous occasions, “Feeling good from the outside, looking for happiness to come from something, somewhere or someone outside oneself, is something cats do, not free thinking, live in the moment creatures of maximum divinity potential.” And Baba is right. And yes, despite his highly enlightened state of being, Baba has some cat issues.

And color can make you feel happy. Color can make you feel something in your body. That was part of the CLE (Conscious Life Experiment) and the purpose of the images. To give a soul something to focus on. To aid in disconnecting the chatterbox mind and perhaps creating a sliver of space for enlightened breakthrough and consciousness to enter. And to heal. To see if the colors made you feel something. Intuitively feel something. And a sliver is all you need.

I don’t pretend to be a doctor and I never wanted to play one on TV, but I know this kind of color, this kind of imagery can help heal a person. Especially a person’s spirit. And that is the most powerful healing of all. Zengirl has turned me onto the power (just the smallest tip of the iceberg kind of power) of Kundalini chanting. Couple those two mind disassociaters (Kundalini chanting and Hot Chakra Love Infusion Color Therapy and you’ve got some grade A spiritual medicine. No prescription needed or accepted at the Soul Pharmacy.

So Baba Ram and I encourage you and all seekers, to explore that. You may, if never having been exposed to it, think that the Kundalini chants are weird. They are. Weird to our ingrained Western mind heavy, thought heavy skulls. But when you try them, well you discover that they freaking feel good. And while your significant other or young child may feel or think…”Damn… he/she has gone sideways on me!” Rest assured, the benefits that you will get, even just the calm happiness that seems to pervade one when making these ancient and universal sounds, will soon have your loved ones telling you to go chant for awhile or heaven forbid, join in.

For those of you with an interest or even a passing thought on just what the hell this Kundalini thing is all about… I drop you two links to explore….

Wikipedia entry for Kundalini…

The Kundalini Research Institute… a site packed chock full of Kundalini thought and information. The White House of Kundalini Yoga. It’s where the yogis go for the straight dope. Well, that’s what Zengirl says and frankly I believe her.

So let’s drop some Hot Chakra Color Love Infusion Bombs on our spiritual goo…

Here’s “Love Infusion Number 9″…

" Love Infusion Number 9" is a chakra color therapy psychedelic meditation art work and image based on photographs of orchids. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design in conjunction with Little Goddess Co-Creativity Werks.

Oh yeah! Dig those vibrating colors. That pink, while technically not a “chakra” color, is just humming with good vibrations. The piper is calling you to join him. But dig those luminous greens, blues, yellows, orange-orange and reds and purples. Based on one of Gerry’s beautiful photographs of orchids. A Hindu Love Bomb for sure. Click on it and make it big. Download it and fill your desktop with yummy goodness. I won’t tell.

And here’s “Consciously Sensual”…

"Consciously Sensual" is a chakra color thereapy psychedelic and meditation art work and image based on photographs of orchids by a most loving and fun little Jewesh man with a very nice camera.  ©2013 Sacred Square Art Therapy and Psychedelic Design. We is what we are and we are what we is.

More pink gooey goodness amid the love infusion. Beautiful yellow third chakra (from the bottom) color explosion. Blues, purples and greens. Delicious food for healing and balancing your inner you. And dig that trippy ass face in the middle. C’mon, I know you see that shit.

Check out “Exploding Soul of Love”…

"Exploding Soul Of Love" is a chakra color healing and psychedelic meditation art work and image based on photographs of orchids. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

Truly exploding, expanding, filling all that is and will be with the healing power of straight up, no chaser, pure love. All the colors forming a healing mandala of love infusion. Bathe your soul in this pond for a while. Blow it up big and focus, feel it, feel those colors. Close your eyes and turn down the chatter brain. Even for only a minute. Oh yes… just one minute can change everything.

And to finish up for the day… “20 Megaton Chakra Color Bomb”… delivered via stealth technology straight to your soul.

"20 Megaton Chakra Color Bomb" is a color therapy and psychedelic chakra meditation art work and image by the love happy fools at Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Psychedelic Visionary Design.

Ka-Boom! That blue, that heart chakra green just exploding all over my sensory visual spectrum. Wild energy. Infused with the healing power of color. Dig it. Just dig it and be with it and give yourself a mad hug. Embrace yourself.

You know we love to hear what you think, what you feel and any of your opinions, insights and diatribes… so share yourself, share the love. Spread the good vibrationals.

Yours in re-engineering reality,

P.S. All my gratitude and thanks to Zengirl for turning me onto this Kundalini chanting thing. Try it. It just feels good. No yoga required.


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