“Dream Catcher”: The Hidden Beauty of Orchids. Psychedelic High Vibrational Flower Art from a day at The Orchid Festival.

Orchid Fest! A glorious day spent inside a huge greenhouse filled with the most beautiful, high vibrational plants. Thousands of orchids! It felt incredible, just a great life energy. My dear friend Gerry and I went out yesterday to catch the last day of the Chicago Orchid Fest. Gerry is a professional photographer, ie, he actually makes his living shooting pictures and video. Unfortunately it’s pictures of very mundane things like plastic jugs full of chemicals and small parts for things. So his beautiful camera and incredible and expensive macro lens really enjoyed the new subject matter. He took some stunningly beautiful and very high resolution photos that will allow me to create some large scale, high resolution poster prints, so yes, I’m damn excited.

We spent a couple hours just perusing all the beauty. Grooving on the good vibes of the life force. The orchids are just amazing. All different types and there are growers from all over the country and world showing off some stunning specimens. I don’t know a lot about orchids in terms of types and care, although I am learning a bit. I’d love to have a grow light area and be able to have some of these creatures in my home. I have one now, but it’s only flowered once. However, I have kept it alive for two years!

Gerry’s pics really popped and allowed for me to get deep into the manipulation process. The results I think, are very good. Rich, vibrant and dynamic trippy color. Textures that are smooth and just thick. You can blow these things way up and they just are so delicious in their detail. That macro lens was spectacular.

So this will likely be the first of many posts based on those photographs. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the finished work as much as I did. For this post I’m going to show all four variations of one of the photos. The color spectrum is very root chakra oriented. Reds and some orange and some black, Deep, rich color and some very interesting stuff creating itself along the axis.

The word “dream catcher” came to me while playing with these. And I think it’s pretty appropriate considering the pattern and visual. So without further babbling, here’s four takes on Dream Catcher…

Click on the image for a larger version should you be so inclined.

"DREAM CATCHER 1" is a psychedelic and visionary maeditation art work based on photographs of orchids. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

These feel very “dream-like” to me. A mystical feeling, a little otherworldly. Something like an enchantment just outside of the real. The white like the dream world, or the light from the doorway between worlds. But that’s just me.

And next… “Dream Catcher #2″….


Ahhh… that luminous orange-yellow area and those delicious reds. Lower chakra meditation tool. Let yourself sink into that. Click on it, or better yet click on it and download it. Blow it up big on your desktop and just groove on that. That’s what Ganja Joe and Baba Ram Yum Yum are doing at this very moment. Honest.

And “Dream Catcher #3”

"Dream Catcher #3" is a psychedelic and meditation art work to help in aligning and healing your lower chakras through the use of color therapy. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design Works, a division of Baba Ram Yum YUm Consciousness Exapnsion Enterprises and the Dream Tripping Institute.

Falling into the dream… the lilac-white center. The creative source energy? Where the Little Goddess plays? For me yes. For you?

And lastly, but not leastly… “Dream Catcher #4”

"Dream Catcher #4" is a meditation and psychedelic dream tripping art work for chakra and color therapy and also for just dropping a tab and venturing to the other side. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

Now that out to ignite a little activity in your lower chakras. :). Serious color therapy for those who need a little more primal power to add to their energetic mix. Blow it up big and tune in, turn on and light it up.

As always, your comments, thoughts and general opinions are not only welcomed, but treasured by the small staff here at The Square. So drop us some digital debris.

Yours in rearranging the reality,

P.S. to my beloved and adored Zengirl… thank you as always for your love, your insights and your healing.


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