Preview image for "Electric Kool Aid Hosta 14B' is a plant and flower based psychedelic art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

“Electric Kool Aid Hostas”: Metaphysical Psychedelic Plant and Flower Art for Meditation and other Interior Pursuits. A short lesson in acceptance with Baba Ram Yum Yum. “I’m picking up good vibrations.”

Hot here today. Damn hot. The air’s thick and what breeze there is, well it’s just more warm air. Perfect day for dreaming in the garden, lol. More pictures of the hosta flowers blooming away in their personal hothouse. I love hostas. The variety of the flowers and the leaves are amazing. As well as the variety of tolerance for sun and shade. So as Baba Ram Yum Yum and I perused the Garden of Eternal Happiness. we took some pics of the hostas and a few other interesting plants that seem to be really enjoying the high heat.

It amazes me, that Baba, being a Lhasa Apso with a thick, full coat of hair genetically designed to withstand the freezing temps of 14-15K feet up in the Himalayas, enjoys this sort of weather. But he does. Or perhaps he just accepts it. I think that’s the case. You see, one of the things that Baba has taught me and Ganja Joe is acceptance. Or more accurately, the value of acceptance as a state of being. Baba doesn’t worry about situations, or what others may think and he doesn’t allow his mind to dwell either in the what if’s of the past or the future. Baba lives eternally in the wonderous now of the present moment.

Acceptance, he has stated is a key component of living in the moment. As is enjoyment and enthusiasm, but those are different lessons for different times. Baba quotes spiritual teacher and author, Eckhart Tolle to help elucidate his point; “Acceptance means, for now, this is what this situation, this moment, requires me to do, and so I do it willingly.” That seems like a small thing, but like all great truths, it holds a vast power when you think about it for a bit.

When you accept what it is you’re doing, you move into alignment with the present. You’re not considering the future or what might be. You’re not living in your head, in the past, rehashing old injuries, slights or even pleasant memories. By accepting you open the door to the present moment, to being aware of what it is you’re doing, however small and mundane it seems. By accepting and not thinking you should be doing something else, you allow for quality to come into what you do. However small that task may be. Acceptance creates the space for consciousness to enter and be present. Or as Baba Ram Yum Yum so eloquently puts it, “Don’t bitch, just be.”

And so we come to these electric psychedelic visions and images. The result of the process of co-creating with the Little Goddess and Mammy Nature. Of allowing a space for the great energy to come in and play. The process is a simple one and it yields much visual and creative delight. It also removes some of the ego “me” from the process. I am merely a vehicle for this co-creative exploration. Mammy supplies the rich subject matter, the Little Goddess helps to frame and manipulate the image and viola! Vibrant, trippy and spiritually rich imagery arrives. The unseen energy of Mammy’s beautiful children bursting forth in a peyote like dream. Colors. Forms and shapes. Mystical, spiritual imagery for those who wish to see and feel such things. Chakra tingling colors and good vibrations, ala, The Beach Boys in mid sixties California by the Sea. Groovy shit for meditation and other interior pursuits like ingesting psychoactive substances in search of connection and hidden realities or contemplation of the divine. Dive in, the water is fine…

Here’s “Electric Kool Aid Hosta 13A”…

"Electric Kool Aid Hosta 13A" is a psychedelic and visionary meditation art work based on a photograph of hosta plants and flowers. ©2013 Sacred Square Psychedelic Art and Design.

Mmmm… that purple crown chakra center is certainly got things tingly on the top of my head. Blasts of vibrant color framed by those long thin flower shapes.  That purple center is a nice focusing point for a crown chakra meditation. Baba’s little head is nearly completely blown off by the vibrational yumminess.

Here’s “Electric Kool Aid Hosta 14A”…

"Electric Kool Aid Hosta 14A" is a psychedelic and trippy art work and image from Sacred Square Art and Visionary Design. ©2013

Ooohhhhh… this one is just so… beautifully vibrant and soft. Love the colors, the purple of the center, those gorgeous blues and the yellows, greens and oranges. The Little Goddess was playing with The Fairy Romantic Princess on this one, me thinks.

Now, “Electric Kool Aid Hosta 13B”….

"Electric Kool Aid Hosta 13B" is a psychedelic, spiritually life enhancing meditation art work and image based on hosta flowers and plants. ©2013 Those mad, mad lunatics at Sacred Square Psychedelic Art and Design. In conjunction with the Baba Ram Yum Yum House for Spiritual and Consciousness Awakening.

A vast alien life form? Gooey, trippy mescaline vision? Maybe both, or maybe neither. Vibrant color and exotic form born in the co-creative energy labs of Mammy Nature and The Little Goddess. The secret life and energy of plants and flowers revealed? Perhaps. More exploration is needed. More play is warranted.

And lastly but muchly, “Electric Kool Aid Hosta 14B”…

"Electric Kool Aid Hosta 14B'  is a plant and flower based psychedelic art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Boom goes the chakra bomb. That whole east-west axis just feels very Hindu influenced both in color and shape. Spiritually alive energy and vibrational pulse. Dig it. Raw, like sushi.

As always your comments and thoughts are most welcomed and appreciated. Baba loves to be read to and even Fu Wang, when he’s not contemplating the injustice of Shih Tzus not ruling the world, enjoys free thinkers and deep thoughts. Wolf Girl, she merely giggles at the meaningfulness of it all.

Yours in rearranging the reality,

P.S. To my beloved Zengirl, my gratitude and love for all that you are and will be. Your loving heart and compassionate nature heal and free me. Thank you my love.


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