The Metaphysical Gardener’s Guide, Vol 14: Trippy Plant Art with Evergreens and Hawthorne Bark. The Unconditional Love of Babba Ram Yum Yum, Fu Wang and Wolf Girl. Living in the now and grooving on Psychedelic visions inside the world of plants.

Unconditional love. Love without boundaries. Love without strings attached. Pure, 100% straight up love. Ahhh, and that is exactly the kind of love I’m talking about here. Baba Ram Yum Yum and his pack mates, Fu Wang and Wolf Girl know only one way to love. All out. They don’t ever hold it back or expect something in return. And when love is returned to them, they have a joyous need to give more back. Theirs is a simple, yet profound existence of lives spent entirely in the present moment. And that, as Baba Ram Yum Yum has stated on numerous occasion to Ganja Joe, is the secret to loving without condition; living in the present moment.

You see with Baba, Fu Wang and Wolf Girl, there are no thoughts of yesterday, or even five minutes ago. There are no worries of past events or future concerns to cloud their days. There is only the immediate joy of the glorious now. Baba and his mates, simply live. They don’t waste time pondering things that have already passed and that which is yet to be. And that is why they are free, why they have the constant gift of the present moment. Baba lives in abundance because he recognizes how abundant the world around him is. He expresses extraordinary gratitude at the smallest of kindnesses.  Yes, Baba teaches. Teaches like any great guru. Through their actions and the nature of the way they live their lives. Baba Ram and Fu Wang along with Wolf Girl are always teaching Ganja Joe something. Or, actually, they are always reinforcing what they’ve already shown him. Baba Ram is always teaching love and the present moment. Is it any wonder that Buddhist monks high up in their ancient monasteries in the Himalayas chose and bred the ancestors of Baba Ram Yum Yum as their temple companions? Hardly. Is it any wonder that they say that the souls of the Dali Llamas find their way back into this Veil of Souls through golden haired Lhasas? I think not chum. Baba Ram Yum Yum has direct access to the source of all. His is direct line, unfettered by dis-empowering beliefs oand a mind cluttered with the pursuit of stuff. He’s got a line on love. Unconditional, powerful as in move-fucking-mountains powerful love. The good shit. Often imitated, never duplicated. You can’t buy it, but you can create it, give it and thus immerse yourself in a sea of it. A never ending supply. It don’t run out. It’s the ultimate renewable energy. And it fuels Babba Ram and his ilk. Is woven into their very DNA. Astounding.

I have lived with a variety of creatures over the years. Dogs, cats, birds, lizards, snakes, etc… I’m quite partial to dogs, although I loved the cats I had. But cats just don’t seem to be present moment creatures, lol. Cats always seem to be weighing things, pondering things, checking the list for your past transgressions and dishing out the love in spoonfuls at their own pace and whim. Love hoarders. In short, cats make you pay for their love. Now I realize that I am putting a boat load of human feeling, perception and thought on this, but as a sign I once saw explains, “Beware of the Dog . The cat is shady as fuck, too.”

Dogs, on the other hand, have a desire to interact with the world. All of it. They find joy in the simplest of things. Happiness in the smallest affections. Dogs, in short, show gratitude. To and for everything. Baba Ram Yum Yum certainly does. He spends his days dispensing love at every chance he gets and looking to interact with the world. Baba is free. Free of worry beyond a weird sound that causes him to snap to alertness. Free of concern for both the past and the future.

Baba Ram Yum Yum, Fu Wang and Wolf Girl are always giving love to Ganja Joe and his friends. Now, that’s not to say that Ganja Joe’s friends always take to this or want the affection. But what Ganja Joe has discovered, and yes this is a generalization, is that his friends that have issues or apprehensions (besides the ones who may have been bit by a dog at some point) with the loving nature of the pack, are usually people who have a tough time expressing love themselves. Or accepting it. They are also people who tend to have a hard time living in the joy of the present. Not all of Baba Ram Yum Yum’s teachings are spoken directly, sometimes it is in observing yourself that his teachings become most evident. Baba and Fu Wang and Wolf Girl are great mirrors that reflect back what it is you are. Ganja Joe is humbled by their genius and guru-ness and remains their faithful student. And they just keep dispensing the love. Straight up, no chaser. It’s never last call for what they’re serving. And oh yeah, you’re never over served.

And so Ganja Joe continues his wandering about the Garden of Eternal Happiness and his neighbor’s front yard, with Baba Ram Yum Yum by his side. They search for the mystical inside the everyday. They seek the divine inside what many call the mundane. They look for secrets that are right before their eyes. In short they embrace Mammy Nature and all her miracles both great and small. They seek the hidden, the small, the micro views into another realm of consciousness through the window of Mammy Nature. And Mammy is always teaching, always open for consciousness expansion and a good game of raise your awareness. It matters not whether you are in the wild, untamed glory of Yosemite or in the manicured back yard of a suburban lawn lord, Mammy is teeming with things to consider. Ganja Joe and Baba Ram know this and love to go in search of it. They never have to travel far.

Psychedelic visions emerge in the co-creative processes of Ganja Joe and the Little Goddess. Meditative, spiritual and damn trippy. If that’s the trip your looking for, come to be inside the work. Accidental randomness exposing secret visions and peyote songs along the axises. Ordinary Hawthorne bark, as if something as extraordinary as a tree could ever really be considered “ordinary”. exposes itself in a new way, a new light when tossed into the co-creative blender of Ganja Joe and the Little Goddess. What is seen, but yet not seen, by many in their everyday pursuit of the future is considered delicious subject matter by those two.

A rather raggedy (by Lawn Lord standards) evergreen sits in the abandoned front yard of Ganja Joe’s former neighbor. The endless seasonal procession bringing about changes in it. Little things like seedlings, that hold the key to much bigger things, like more trees. They are beautiful, the tree itself is beautiful in it’s green-ness. This micro view into the tree expands and elevates Joe’s humble consciousness as he incorporates it into his ongoing play with the Little Goddess. And in each experiment, each co-creative act, Ganja Joe expands and has his moments of bliss and excitement. As each work reveals itself, the swirling combination of randomness, co-creative union, and the glorious energy of life forces, Ganja Joe finds himself compelled only to go further down the path, to explore the entire world and use it as his subject, To playfully finger paint on Mammy Nature’s canvas with the Little Goddess by his side, giggling and laughing as she is won’t to do. Because the Little one loves fun. Loves to make stuff. Loves to play. And in that way she is quite like Baba Ram Yum Yum. For Baba loves to play too.

But now, let’s dive into some gooey good visual fun. Trippy? Of course! Good for meditation? Unparalleled! Spiritual infusing? Why not? It is what you want it to be. And that is how it’s always been. You can read Cherokee Spirit Stones, or you can read Gummi Bears. The medium matters not. What you believe matters most. So lets get out the marijuana brownies and enjoy this beautiful day and check out some visual art courtesy of Ganja Joe and The Little Goddess.

First up, a few views of that wonderful evergreen… “Electric Evergreen Psychedelic Love Machine 1A”

"Electric Psychedelic Evergreen 1A" is a psychedelic visionary plant and flower based art work by Sacred Square Psychedelic Art Factory and Visionary Design Company in conjunction with the Baba Ram Yum Yum Institute for Advanced Love Studies. Dig it. ©2013.

and another look, “Electric Evergreen Psychedelic Love Machine 1B”

"Electric Evergreen Psychedelic Love Machine 1B" is a damn trippy, peyote soaked art work and visionary psychedelic visual for dream trippers and seekers along the path of psychoactive enhancement. Also good for meditation or the pursuit of a more "spiritual" amd alive lifestyle, this art work is given to you free. Use it wisely. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design. Ganja Joe Enterprises.

Oh my, that high crown chakra purple center is activating my ability to commune and communicate with the Little Goddess! And that mad shit along the axises is twisting my metaphysical arm into firing up a bowl of Mammy Nature’s finest marijuana and saying…”Fuck it, let’s get creative…” Of course that usually doesn’t take much arm twisting in my case.

And now let’s venture up close and personal with the bark of the great Hawthorne tree that grows tall and majestic in the front lawn of Ganja Joe’s neighbor’s home.

Here’s “Gateways and Passages 1A”….

"Gateways and Passages 1A" is a dream tripping psychedelic and visionary art work that reveals the hidden dimensions of the mind's eye using a photograph of the bark of a Hawthorne tree. Trippy ass plant art for new tribal seekers of the truth and love of Mammy Nature.  © 2013 Sacred Square Psychedelic and Visionary Art Works and Transcendental Design. Oh hell yeah!

Follow me cried the little mouse! And Baba Ram Yum Yum and Ganja Joe were more than happy and stoned enough to; A.) Believe a little mouse was talking to them and B.) Follow said mouse’s good advice and dive into this portal between the subconscious reality and the conscious normality and swim in the Seven Seas of Synthesia. Oh yes they were! A regular Lewis and Clark of the mind those two are…

And another psychedelic interpretation wrapped in a co-creative randomness sandwich… “Gateways and Passages 1B”

"Gateways and Passages 1B" is another psychedelic and psychoactive substance enhanced visionary art work and image involving plants and the natural world. ©2013 Sacred Square Fine Art and Giddy Ass Design. Ganja Joe approved and blessed with the love unconditional of Baba Ram Yum Yum.

Dig that totemic symbolism along the axises!  A Celtic cross? The recipe for a delicious Key Lime Pie? I know not. The Little Goddess is just throwing it down on this one. Keys and locks and doorways to a world unseen by the ordinary eyes and only unlocked through the great energy of communion with the divine Mammy. Truths unspoken yet understood. The Buddah lives inside the great Hawthorne. Fu Wang agrees and adds that it is a wonderful place to pee.

As always, your comments, thoughts, ideas and anything else you’d care to scrape off your cranial walls, is not only welcomed but highly appreciated by Ganja Joe and Baba Ram Yum Yum. Fu Wang, while interested in what you might think, has shit to do. Wolf Girl just laughs at the folly of it all….

Yours in restructuring reality…

P.S. Visit my fave Soul Bar, The Voice That Guides, for good stiff drinks and soul inspiring nourishment. Tell Zengirl to serve you up the Baba Ram Yum Yum plate… you won’t regret it.


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